Dead Tablo quad 1TB

So tried to watch the baseball game and I get Tablo not found. Go look at the Tablo and no blue light, just the network green light where the ethernet cable is plugged in. Tried the reset button, unplugged for 10 minutes, still nothing. Have no idea what is going on.

It could be the power supply.

That happened to me a year ago and I plugged in another power supply and it came back to life

That is what I am hoping, so I bought a power supply last Friday and it hasn’t shipped yet. WTF.

The new Tablo does not seem to be to concerned about its old customer base. You can get one from amazon next day.

Have not been able to find any options that are next day, and Tablo support says not to use a non-tablo power supply.

Actually, same day delivery and I think this one will work. Same rating.

So received the power supply from Tablo, got it working again. Two months later, same problem. Tablo not found, blinking blue light. So what are the alternatives at this point? Seriously, they had a good product, just too hot, could have beefed up the hardware for better cooling, instead they now have a lesser product, and legacy customers seem to be left hanging in the wind.

Both of my OG dual tuner Tablos operate. But obviously, likely to the dismay of Tablo eventually (that is, eventually I see the current organization disabling the features that make those units “better”).

My “answer” today, because I think all homes should already have one, is Plex Media Server + Plex DVR. If you have a (hopefully lifetime) Plex Pass, you get full long term EPG, live TV from anywhere, recording from anywhere (because they are no different from anything else on your Plex) and the ability to remove commercials or insert “skips” for them (your choice at time of recording). It has recording prioritization for handling “conflicts”. I doesn’t require pre-pairing of the end device for remote access. That is, I can login in from a foreign device on the Internet and watch Live TV, etc. Stuck at a remote office and can’t watch “the game”… no problem.

It’s essentially all the benefits of Tablo 4, plus all the benefits of OG Tablo +++. But, at a cost. Plex Media Server has to run somewhere. It requires a support tuner device (and as I’ve said, I have tested with up to 8 active tuners on Plex). It requires Plex Pass to get the EPG. I, like many others have a plethora of media content that now I serve up via Plex without the “here today”, “gone tomorrow” problem that you have even with online purchased streaming content. So, I already had Plex. So for me, and others, that extra cost was actually quite minimal (just adding the tuners).

You get huge cross device support to boot.

Does it work on…??? The answer is likely yes.

I fully expect the current company to kill off anything that made my OG Tablos interesting. Again, I have them, and they do work today. I can view Live TV anywhere (due to pre-pairing of the end device), I can watch was recorded on Tablo anywhere. Those are the two features I fully expect the current company to disable at some point and are only found in pre 4th gen units.

And so… I have Plex and Plex DVR. To me, it’s the best alternative (and more).

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