Day Light Savings: Some Fast channels off 1 hour

On my 4th Gen Tablo, and this may be more a problem with the source of the Tablo program guide data, but I thought I’d mention it… Since daylight saving started a couple of days ago, some of the fast streaming channels are an hour off from what the Tablo guide is showing for start times. You end up recording an hour of the previously airing movie and losing the last hour of what you were trying to record. I didn’t do extensive testing to see how many channels were affected, but I know AMC Thriller and I believe IFC Film Picks both are off by an hour. Updating the guide data did not help

You got here before I did – I wanted to check one more recording before I mentioned this issue, and this morning’s early recording test is still wrong.

AMC Thriller has been off by an hour since late Friday/early Saturday morning.

Alien Nation is another that has still not been fixed and has been wrong for months.

Thank you for bringing attention to this matter again – maybe they’ll do something about it this time.

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@bfollett There was indeed a caching issue causing this. Thanks for flagging it.

If you hit ‘update guide’ again, it should be corrected.

Thanks for the quick (action/response), but I’ve now tried about 10 times to update the guide data and it keeps completing before finishing, It gets anywhere from 40 to 70 percent complete and then saying guide has updated but the times on the guide are still wrong for the streaming channels. I’ve seen this happen before so I don’t think it’s specific to the daylight saving time issue. Any idea why it won’t complete the guide update?

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Just got my Tablo today and have fresh updated data as of 30 minutes ago, the HiDive Anime channel is off by an hour still as of today. I recorded a show called Land of the Lustrous starting with episode 1 at ~9pm but the actual show didn’t start until the Episode 3 recording at 9:48pm, instead the first two recordings were the previous shows on the schedule.

The channels that I had problems with are still off by an hour for me as well. I haven’t replied back because I’ve been unable to get a guide update to get to reach 100%. I’m not sure if that is a separate issue or that is normal behavior, but I didn’t want to reply back that the channels were still off by an hour if it was my own issue with the guide update reaching 100%. However, in a seperate thread I had mention a few days ago that another streaming channel (Free Movies Plus), had stopped broadcasting movies and was just broadcasting a filler screen of “we’ll be right back” and the program guide was showing “To Be Announced” during that time. The station is now back to airing movies and my guide updated and is showing the correct guide data for that station but is still off by an hour for the original problem stations, so I don’t know why a manual guide update doesn’t reach 100%, but I’m beginning to think it isn’t the cause for 1 hour our off issue.

@bfollett and @BrandonGiesing Can you both upgrade your firmware to 2.2.50 (if you haven’t already) and then run and save a fresh channel scan and let us know if that improves things?

Already on 2.2.50 (I just got the device and it required the upgrade to that to even set it up), already scanned channels like 10 times since I got the device yesterday as I was messing around with placement.

Just did another now (plus guide info update) and it’s still off by an hour only on that one HiDive Anime channel. Everything else is on time just fine (at least, of the channel’s I’ve watched so far, can’t speak for the other ones mentioned).

I was also already at 2.2.50 and the channels are still an hour off. I’d be embarrassed to admit just how many times I tried the guide update… Let’s just say A LOT.

I’ve even done their little trick of removing a station, rescanning and re-adding. AMC Thrillers is still off by an hour. They need to look into this station as well as others that have incorrect guide data. I’ve been trying to get them to fix Alien Nation for 3 months. Good luck!

Sounds like it might specifically only be a problem with the AMC networks? AMC Thriller, IFC Film Picks, and the HiDive one I’m having issues with are all AMC owned.

I wish I could say that daylight savings was the issue. I know I had shows that were an hour off on AMC Thrillers the day before the change. I suppose it’s possible that they set the date wrong by a day… who knows.

Has anyone checked these channels on other FAST services? If it’s wrong on them, then you need to complain to the source, not Tablo.

I haven’t checked on Alien Nation recently, but the guide data was the different (Tablo’s being incorrect) while the streams were the same.

Looking at AMC Thrillers right now, it’s the opposite: The guide data is the same, but if this is the same movie they’re nowhere near each other in the timeline.

I’ve neglected this issue for a while now hoping Tablo would get it resolved, but the problem still exists. Can I hear from the Tablo moderator that they are aware and working on this problem or do I need to put in a formal tech support inquiry? We’re closing in on a month since this problem began.


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Thank you for bringing this up again!

I just noticed this morning that they are still off and I was going to make note of it later today.

@TabloTV, @TabloSupport, @TabloEngineering – what’s going on with this issue?