Day 3 of my ticket

I’ve been asking Tablo to call me. I have no idea if they can get into my box or not. My frustration level is getting maxed out. I have a brand new 4 tuner unit that I haven’t been able to use since it arrived a week ago.

Hi there @Teedawg

Sorry for the delay.

The support team says they were finally able to connect to your Tablo. There was some trouble in getting it to stay in access mode but they’ve been able to lock it into that for the time being. We should have more info for you as soon as the engineering team takes a peek.

Some of the delay was due to our first-in-first out policy though. If at all possible, try to avoid sending follow-up messages until someone replies to you as your message will automatically be sent to the rear of the queue.

A few tips here for working w/ our support gurus so you can get the speediest resolution:

I went to the community first, then put a ticket in.

I spend all day yesterday resetting the machine, getting an email an hour or 2 later saying they could not get in, resetting it again, and asking for a call, while supplying my number.

It felt like I was resetting the machine for remote access, that would fail soon after, support would try to access it and hour or two later, email me, wash, rinse, repeat.

I wanted a phone call to see if they were getting in sooner than I suspected.

I called late yesterday to avoid the queuing problem you mentioned above, was first in the queue there, then was bumped to voice mail were I left a message asking, once again, for a phone call this morning…which didn’t happen.

If one works during your service hours, we have no method for checking open ticket status.

I tried to access the ticket online, no love there either.

We actually haven’t enabled this feature which is why you weren’t able to do that.

Sorry that you weren’t able to reach us when you called and totally understand how frustrating it is when we have to play remote access tag.

The good news is that we were able to get in and lock down access so we should have more info for you soon.

Just got word that your engineers deemed my Tablo unfit for duty and I’m getting a new one.

Thank you!

Please know a thing or two:

I started hanging out in the community before deciding if the Tablo was right for me.

The community is one of the reasons I decided on Tablo, and I’ll be coming back when I have a properly functioning unit.


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@Teedawg Boo on the bum unit but glad we were able to get a resolution for you. Hope the 2nd one is the charm :slight_smile:

@Teedawg - Welcome and good luck with getting your replacement Tablo running smoothly.
You’re right that the community here is really great. One of the best product forums I’ve been to. I’m just about 2 years in with my 4 Tuner and it has been working very well for most of that time (there were a few dark weeks back in the day :wink:), but the Tablo team are a really good bunch from all I’ve seen and I think you’ll ultimately enjoy using your new Tablo.