Date Listing of Recordings

This may have already been asked, but it would be fantastic to get a listing of the upcoming recordings by date instead of just thumbs of the episodes. I’m talking about a listing of the entire set of recorded shows on the device, organized by date.


I think there are two things in your request.

  1. List of upcoming scheduled recordings by date.

  2. List of already recorded shows by date.

Or maybe a combo showing some “symbol” for the ones recorded vs. the ones yet to be recorded (?)


Yes… Actually I am more interested in what is upcoming so I can see what will be recorded by date.

I’m very interested in the list of upcoming scheduled recordings by data.

My wife’s first time using it, and her first question was whether she could list recordings (both scheduled and existing) by date.

Hi all,

I have noticed that in the Tablo app on in Kodi(android), there is a recordings by date…newest on top with the date as the “Header” of each date group…and under it, it displays the shows.

I have not seen this on the android app or on the FireTV stick. I have seen a “Most Recent” but without the specific date, I am kind of left getting a group of shows listed with possibly, only one episode being the oldest.

I hope i am explaining well enough for everyone to understand, and I also hope it is simple enough to be implemented universally. I have just “Lifetime subscribed” so i am dedicated to it and my wife asked for this feature from the start.

This is a great feature, especially when you want to get those old shows out of the way.

@TabloTV, any ideas if this can be ported over? When?