Database Repair tools/procedures?

Is there any tool or procedures for an end user to try to repair the Tablo database? I have been trying to pull off episodes of the Simpsons I had recorded earlier in the year.

I had set up to record all episodes so I have for instance season 14. 14-02 and 14-03 come down fine (using FFMEPG, basically what Tablo Ripper is using). Then 14-04 to 14-16 all fail.

They also do not play in Roku, Chrome, Android app, though they show up fine in the guides.

I’m wondering if there;s any way to rebuild indexes or if freeing up space or other things might make these recordings work again.

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Do these episodes play on any device?

Have you tried Tablo Exporter by Jestep?

They don’t play on any device I have, iPhone, Roku 3, Chrome, Andrriod app.

Tablo Exporter uses ffmepg too, so I don’t think that would make any difference.

I used SurLaTablo to pulll out the filenames/numbers and just built the FFMPEG commands as a batch file.

ffmpeg.exe -y -i -codec copy -strict -2 -c:a aac -threads 0 “C:\MCEInput\tmp\The Simpsons - s14e04 - Large Marge.mp4”

I get Invalid data found when processing input