Custom Folders for Grouping Recordings

I’m about 3 weeks into my Tablo experience and so far, I am very pleased.

Most features are sufficient to the tasks needed (I’m a dishnetwork cord cutter), but the one feature that is missing for me is a way to create and group recordings.

The recording bucket is full of shows we record for our young ones, my wife’s shows, my shows and then those that are being recorded by our older kids all interspersed together. Its kind of a mess already even after only 3 weeks and with the vast majority of our favorite shows being currently off season, the mess is just going to explode. It’s like throwing all of your tools in one drawer.

Our previous DVR gave us the ability to create custom groups or categories and assign new recordings to be placed in any of those groups. The ability to move existing recordings out of the “Default” bucket into a custom Group/Folder is also needed.

If I have missed some feature already in place or if someone has a workaround to alleviate the visual confusion of the current single folder recordings view, I would welcome any advice or suggestions.

I read through all of the topics under the New Feature heading and didn’t see this one duplicated. My apologies if I missed it.