Custom Category Folders for Recorded Shows

Over Christmas, my wife recorded all of her favourite Christmas programs from her childhood. She is thrilled that she can keep them forever but we now have a problem. Our recorded programs are now full of Christmas programs on top of our everyday recordings. It would be great if I could create a folder in the recorded programs tab named “Christmas Shows” and drop all these show into it, freeing-up space in the recorded programs tab.


@David613 - It is possible to export Tablo recordings for offline storage using one of the 3rd party tools available here on the community.

Once you have them saved to your computer you can delete them from Tablo so your drive isn’t filled up with the Grinch and Rudolph.

Thanks for the reply. Drive space is not the issue, cluttering-up the recorded shows is. Archiving the show on a separate platform is not as clean a simple file manager built into the Tablo.

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I would agree… just like you do with emails, being able to sort into folders would be great! I have a ton of unused storage that won’t get used because it would clutter up my recording page. Also, either allow users to choose default sort options, or make the default “Most recent”. That way, the newest is always on top.

Maybe you are looking for a media storage/library system with DVR capabilities versus a simpler DVR solution. Plex might be the solution for you.

No, I’m very happy with tablo, just making a suggestion for a small change that would allow for better organization of recordings and a cleaner interface.

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Creating a folder, naming that folder, and having that folder show up on only your Tablo clients would be a massive undertaking, as opposed to a “small change”.

It’s not a bad idea, but to make it happen likely isn’t worth the manpower cost.

Costs, business models, additional sales, competitive advantage and ROI never seem to be a consideration.

There must be some coding monkeys sitting around with nothing to do.

The “code monkeys” solved this already. Run a Plex server. I tag my Christmas movies with “Christmas Movies” in Plex.

Use programs like SurLaTablo (or others) to pull your recordings off of Tablo and into Plex (for long term storage).

Btw, Tablo is closed source, otherwise we “code monkeys” would have helped out there too.

I was in R&D for 42 years. And I still provide free consultation for my previous products.

I don’t really see you proving development, customer support, product management, program management, testing, integration,version support, etc. for free.

So it doesn’t even register that any Nuvyyo’s intellectual properties should be open. Plex started as an exercise in freeware and has evolved into a regular consumer product.

Hi, I am the original poster. At this point a simple “Archive” folder would be fine. Forget the extra coding required to support a file proper structure. In a show’s details page, there could be a checkbox that when checked, the show is moved to the archive folder (and hidden on the main recorded programs folder)

For anyone who is suggesting third party tools or things like Plex servers, my wife just would not have that! I am trying to convince her to abandon our Rogers PVR so the replacement has to be at a similar skill-level. Plus, I thought this was a features request forum - not suggest work around forum.

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It’s not just a feature request forum. It’s a forum that Tablo user frequent and have discussions. It’s not all about tablo.

Some folks move shows from tablo to plex.

Some folks use tablo as a Dvr only.

Everyone’s use case is different and how we manage and present our content is different. Tablo plays a part in that.

Yes feature requests can be presented. So can optional apps and solutions to a problem.

Thank you for posting this. I have complained to myself about this issue since I bought 2 Tablos a few years ago. I bought it for a total solution and don’t want to have to use other technology to make up for the problems with this one. Cable DVR’s have been doing this for years, so it is not unreasonable to ask that they simply add an Archive folder so we can find things easier.

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They could just add a folder for the watched and/or protected shows, since they already have support for shows being marked that way. Which as far as I can tell, isn’t used for much, if anything at all.

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Bump. @TabloTV

Does Tablo have any plans to implement a feature to allow users to create a custom folder setup in which to automatically file recordings. This is the one thing that’s keeping me from totally cutting the cord and switching exclusively to Tablo.

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It hasn’t been a request popular enough for us to consider for the short term, but we may get to it eventually.

What are you trying to accomplish that a folder will resolve?

Thanks for the quick reply.

If we fully utilized the Tablo, we would have approx 60 different shows being recorded. That’s way too many tiles to sort through in the single flat alphabetical list. We would like to be able to device up that list into, for example, my shows, her shows, our shows, news shows, etc. That would make each list much more manageable.

Another thing that would be really helpful would be to be able to sort the recordings (preferably within custom folders) by last date recorded and/or first date recorded rather than just alphabetically.

Custom folders is the way that some DVRs (eg. Dish) solve the problem of too many tiles. Other services (eg. YouTube TV, Netflix) do it by providing user profiles within an account. Those not only group recordings by profile, but also allow separate custom guide setups, etc. But either approach would be great for us.


Gotcha… Your use cases are quite similar to what folks had requested previously.

A few tidbits that could help in the meantime…

Many of our apps have a screen under recordings called RECENT which does sort recordings by the latest recorded…

As for managing ‘profiles’ some folks have solved this by adding a second Tablo to their setup. Not only does it give you some extra tuners, but it does allow you to keep things reasonably separate.

Noting that unless grandfathered in, each Tablo requires a separate EPG subscription.

Thanks again for the reply.

The problem with the recent screen is that it breaks out each episode individually, rather than keeping all episodes of each show under one tile. That’s better than nothing, but not ideal.

We would need at least six folders to be useful. Running six separate Tablos (even if you ignore the cost) is not feasible.