Currently Using WMC with an Onkyo Receiver for Surround Sound. Need That in Tablo

I’m surprised to read that Tablo doesn’t allow pass through.  So I guess that I could listen through my receiver but just not in Surround Sound?  That’s too bad since it’s already pulling in that HD signal. I realize it wouldn’t be a trivial feature to implement but it sure would be cool. 

@thusband - Yep, as per the other thread, it’s a big effort project. But again, we’re not throwing it off the table, it’s just not on the shortlist for the next 6 months. 

We’ll be re-evaluating what comes next roadmap wise at the end of the year to make plans for the next 6 months. Your vote for surround sound will be counted! :) 

Well, I guess this answers my question on the other thread. You’ve gone from “2H2014 and I’ll narrow it down when I can” to “maybe next year, but no guarantees”.