Current Tablo User wanting to use Plex Live TV/DVR


I don’t really know when it removes the commercials. They show up sometime the next day. I just scheduled a load of law & order shows for next week. I want to see how it handles them all. They are back to back on ion throughout the day.

I scheduled around 8 to 10 episodes throughout the day one after the other. I want to see if it can handle all those recordings.

All in all I am impressed at this point at how well it actually does work.

There some things I do see it lacking and one is the premiering section. Tablo has it and I use it for finding new content and scheduling it.

I also like how Tablo handles conflicts.

And Tablo has the grid guide, plex has a more Netflix like interface. That being said though, I think we are all so used to grid like guide, we don’t even know what works well and what doesn’t.

I am happy to tinker with this and find any issues.

I like the fact I don’t need another hard drive with plex. It removes a failure point in the ecosystem. The synch is reliable and moves content to your device when using plex and optimized it for that device.

It has a login for remote access and does not need pairing before going on a trip on going to our beach house. Install app, login and the content is there.

Plex is a single interface for me to manage content. I run a Mac mini for my plex server, so most of the homegrown tools are windows based that remove content from the Tablo.

There are tools for Mac OS x, but I am not a scripting guy and I am struggling mightily to implement tablo2go. There is a really cool looking script someone in the forum wrote to move content from your Tablo to plex and remove commercials. But I have some questions around it.

Live tv works well. As well as the Tablo. And waiting for a channel to tune is a deal breaker for my family. We use live tv for mostly sports. Once the event starts, we don’t normally change the channel.


Itried Plex three separate times and paid the TV fee each time over the last three years hoping for improvement. All I get is PIXELATION with Hauppauge and HD Homerun and a loss of $15.00 It works great on recorded movies but PIXEL on Live TV or recorded TV. I am on New Quatro and have been using since April 12, 2019. Have not seen 1 pixelation as of yet on live or recorded tv. Plex oes not see the Quatro box? Did not have a problem with HDHomerun box for the short time that I had it. Must not be a driver or whatever in PLEX for Tablo???