Current Tablo User wanting to use Plex Live TV/DVR


Obviously it all depends. If you’ve got an already amplified signal or are really close to towers, you don’t necessarily want more amplification. With that said, there’s always signal loss on a split. So if it’s not pre-amped coming in (or super strong signal), you may want a distribution amplifier.


4.5 days in. Recorded a couple more regular shows with commercial removal, and they were taken out fine.

It is hard (in my situation) for Tablo to compete. One less piece of hardware, one less hard drive, a little less power usage.

It was a good run for me, I still think it is a great product and Tablo definitely solved my DVR issues after SageTV shut down. I wish the company luck!


I wouldn’t retire the Tablo just yet. Take a long look at the Plex DVR/Live TV forums for stuff to watch out for. The 100% Recording bug has held me at PMS 1.6.1 for a long, long time. The EPG problems continue to befuddle and they don’t even have a manual recording function yet.

Plex DVR/Live TV is fairly immature at this point. Tablo continues to be my front line device.


Thanks. Certainly the bug reports on Plex DVR are pretty active. It hasn’t messed anything up for me across about 12 recordings except one commercial removal issue on a news program. All my shows have recorded 100% so far.


Plex for me has been pretty unreliable. It misses recordings all the time. I tend to go back to my tablo for the reliability part.


You mean that you are showing shows in your schedule, and they just simply aren’t recorded? Well, that would be disturbing, but I haven’t seen it yet in my limited use.

Obviously, that is the major item to get right, and what kicked my search for solutions other than Tablo after two weeks in a row of Big Bang Theory not being recorded.


The biggest problems I have with it are usually windows updates locking things up. I haven’t had this issue with Tablo. Only Tablo problem I have had is my antenna is not good enough and that isn’t Tablo’'s fault.


I’ve been running Tablo and Plex DVR side by side for the last couple of months. I still love my Tablo and recommend it to people all the time, but my family is heavily invested in Plex (movies, music, photos, home videos, etc.). I got a killer deal on the HD Homerun Quatro on Black Friday, which was the only piece missing for me personally to try Plex DVR as I already had the Nvidia Shield and a NAS on my network to manage all media and safely backup everything.

I initially saw a couple times where the recordings just didn’t happen at all in Plex, and along with the forums thought it was just a little buggy because it’s new. It turns out I discovered the issue was actually on my end - my NAS and my Shield had lost communication with one another, so Plex saw no storage to write the recording data to, and properly skipped the recording. Sometimes a power outage had rebooted my NAS, sometimes it was me doing a firmware update, but I now know that I have to reboot my Shield anytime my NAS is rebooted to solve the problem (or get a battery backup for the NAS, record DVR internally instead, etc.).

This adds a little bit of complexity on the backend for my family to simply “record and watch TV” vs. the Tablo, which is a little more self-contained and less susceptible to power interruptions and updates of the moving pieces for my Plex setup. On the other hand, it’s very nice to have live TV and recordings in the same app as all of our movies and other media, and to quickly and easily be able to download for offline viewing on nearly any device (a great Plex feature absent from Tablo). Both choices have pros and cons in my environment currently, but with an almost 4 year old Tablo, I’m ready to go in the event the unit does fail. However, it’s a tough sell to someone who has almost no gear at all to go by a Shield, a NAS, and a Quatro, set up Plex, all so you can watch your antenna. No way anyone has a grandma that’s going to operate that setup.


Has it been working on with you Shield? I found my shield to be severely under powered to run Plex as a server and a DVR. I wanted to off load it from my desktop to my shield but it didn’t pan out for me.


Using the Shield as the Plex server was a complete breakthrough for my home setup. The fact that I can run my Plex server on site (not interested in the Plex cloud limitations and bandwidth hit) now without the maintenance associated with a Windows/Mac/Linux box was exactly what I was looking for. The Shield just sits there and runs in sleep mode, I never have to mess with it ever, even the Plex server app updates automatically. Never do I have to sit down at the Windows box ever again when someone is trying to watch a movie to “figure out what’s going wrong.” I’ve never dug in and studied the performance of Plex on Shield, mostly because I haven’t had to because it’s been so reliable. I’ve been able to watch a blu-ray quality movie on two TVs in two different rooms, all while 2 recordings happened from OTA, never had a buffer once. I have a gig switch/cat6 wired backbone all over the house and Ubiquiti pro wireless gear, so YMMV.


I have everything hooked up on a gigabit network too it is great. I will try it again. It is possible I was too early as an adopter. Thanks for the update.


I have PMS running on my Windows machine. Only thing I have to remember is to leave the computer on at night if there is a show recording after going to bed. I have been using Plex remotely now as well that I have the Plex pass, and that has been hiccup free.

I was going to say I am interested in running it on Shield, but that is another piece of HW I don’t really want to manage, but it sounds simple enough.

I have an i7 and when transcoding I don’t see processor use go above ~20% so it’s working for me.


What are you using for external storage on your shield? I am running into issues where my Seagate drive is going to sleep and my storage is going away.


Check the firmware on the seagate, there may be an update that might help. WD drives that go on sale at Best Buy are what I see a lot of people getting. I am waiting on the next sale, because they have wd red drives in them.

Gonna shuck them and put them in my mediasonic case.


I use a QNAP NAS for storage available to the Shield/Plex server over the network with no issues. I found quite a few threads about Plex struggling with this setup when the server was originally released on Shield, apparently there was an issue when the Shield would sleep it would lose access to network attached storage at that point even though Plex server was allowed to run in the background during sleep. They must’ve taken care of that in an update at some point, as I never had the issue, and all the posts were from older dates.


About 2 weeks in with Plex DVR. My findings:

  1. I had initially check-boxed use hardware acceleration, and that setting seemed to sometimes cause PMS to crash. Unchecking that and the server has been up for 10 days straight
  2. Commercial removal works really well on regular shows, hit or miss on news broadcasts
  3. All shows for the past 10 days have been recorded without incident
  4. I really like the calendar view. Easy to see what has been recorded and what is scheduled
  5. Speed overall is good.


So I went and picked up a 2 tuner on sale at Best Buy with 15 dollars in coupons. Paid like 65 dollars and taxes.

All in all, the 2 tuner is performing much better than the 4 tuner did.

I have not recorded any news shows. But I have been recording and have scheduled a lot of shows. Commercial removal has been great. The wife loves it. She also finds plex easier to use. Go figure…

The image quality is much improved over the last time I tried this. Then again, I did get a new tv in the bedroom and that is most likely the difference now.

Shows are recording fine, no issues. One thing I am happy with is my Tablo is a 4 tuner. The 2 tuner homerun is really limiting for our family. Glad I have the 4 tuner Tablo.

I like the guide and the way they have it setup. One thing I do miss or notice is the premier section of the Tablo. Where it shows what is going to air. Plex does not have this feature. That is something they need to incorporate.

I like the plex view for showing what is going to be recorded, I find it much easier to resolve any potential conflicts. Again, 2 tuners for our family is very limiting.

Channel changes for live tv seems to perform the same. They are both slow imo. But acceptable. We are used to them by now.

I really like the commercial removal of plex. The family has gotten used to this and it does a really good job for me.

I like having shows in plex as all,of our content is in one place, one app, one set of drives to deal with. I don’t have to manually copy shows from Tablo to plex.

I am trying to get tablo2go to work, but I don’t understand how to get it running. And I have a few questions, hoping to get some help there from the forum.

All in all, it is a solution that works. Both platforms work very well in my household. If I can get tablo2go working, I think plex will become our system of choice for simplicity sake.

The plex remote access is much simpler as well. NO SYNCH when using plex. And you can do “offline” viewing by downloading shows from your server to an iPad or iPhone.

Right now I am keeping both.honestly, because as long as plex proves reliable like it has, I now have 6 tuners to record from.

Now if I could get abc in the philly area at all, I would be estatic! Damn low vhf channel…

One edit, it does take time for recorded shows to populate in plex. Plex does it’s post processing after the show records, I think. And it records to a temp folder maybe, after the commercial removal process, it goes from the temp folder to the proper folder on your plex server. No windows reboot issues, I’m running OS X high Sierra.


5 weeks in, Plex is decently solid, has hiccuped once, losing 15 minutes of the beginning of one show. Commercial removal continues to work well. A unified interface is working well for the family as well. Speed is good.

Only ding is not being able to watch a show 15 minutes into it being recorded, need to wait until it is done.


Can you schedule the transcoding to happen overnight (similar to how TabloRipper runs on my desktop overnight and pulls things from the Tablo over to my NAS where Plex sees them)? I use the desktop to game in the evenings so I wouldn’t want it to be attempting to transcode when shows complete recording throughout the evening since I would be gaming at those times as well.


No idea. I have an i7 and when it is transcoding it pops maybe up to 20% CPU at times, so doesn’t bother me.