Current (Sept 2022) Premium Subscription offering

Hey Tablo Community,
New Tablo user here. Very impressed with Tablo offering so far. I’ve been using it daily across iPhone, iPad, Roku TV and the Web App on MacOS. I’m evaluating whether to subscribe after my 30 day trial.
Can anyone clarify what the current premium subscription actually includes? Seems features and subscription options have change over the last several months – and there are still a number of out-of-date Tablo web pages out there detailing services I believe are no longer offered.
also Is there only a single subscription offered? or is there an ala carte feature subscription for individual features?

We currently have a single subscription option for TV Guide Data to offer new customers. Details can be found here:

Premium Service subscriptions are no longer available.

Thanks for the link of the current offering.

While the Tablo connect remote streaming is interesting, my ISP doesn’t allow port forwarding. The guide data service will have to stand by itself to justify the subscription price.
Have you ever considered just offering the guide? I’ll bet a fair number of customers are unable to use table remote connect – or have no use case for it.