Current Program Playing In Small Window Or Background

I love my Tablo but the glaring omission with the interface is not keeping a small preview or background window of the current program that is playing while returning to the guide, etc. . DirecTv does a small window, YouTube TV does an opaque full screen background as does Tivimate (IPTV). I’m so used to a current program continuing in the background while returning to the guide, etc that Tablo feels very disjointed! I don’t think this should be a hardware issue as the processor seems quite robust. Please tell me that this is possible and in the future updates for the Gen 4?

EDIT: This is on Android Google TV



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I see that the current show will play while looking at “channels”, but that’s awkward if you want to go back to the guide grid instead of scrolling forward through large thumbnails.

If it works for many, sure. But let me turn it off so I don’t have to use it.


I don’t have an interest in the feature and do not want to use it. If I can opt out of it I think it would be okay to add it. That way those that want it can opt in.

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Please don’t make non relevant replies.

Was a feature request (never realized) of the OG device as well. There, through “hackery” for OG you could get this using browser overrides, at least for the browser UI (and yes, I know the 4th gen doesn’t have a browser UI).

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It feel that my response was relevant. You’re asking for a feature that some users have no interest in. I am fine with the feature being added, but not being forced into using it. I thought I’d come up with a way for everyone to be happy.

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This differentiates features from feature bloat. One-size-fits-all application… some are happy, some get by, others just can’t deal with it.

This is feature bloat. Especially if it can’t be implemented properly on all app devices. Currently on a legacy device if I use the return button I know that will also cause a pause and save of the current location. With this “feature” I will have to hit pause and still have a thumbnail image on my screen.

Not sure what a “feature bloat” is? I have been watching TV for many years, my first DVR was the DirecTv Ultimate TV. I still have an older (10 years +) DirecTv HD DVR. I also use YouTube TV, and an IPTV app called Tivi Mate and I have had Comcast (Xfinity) cable TV service. I have never had a live TV service or app that does NOT keep the current program either playing in a small window or playing transparently in the background while accessing the guide or library. I don’t even see how this is controversial since it is the norm for virtually every other live or IPTV service or app. and like I said, Tablo 4G does show the current show full screen in the background when checking the “channels” at the bottom of the screen so I know it’s capable of doing it behind the guide or at least a preview window.

Completely agree with you. Not only is this not “feature bloat,” this is a comparative disadvantage as compared to other popular live tv streamers

Thanks, I thought maybe I was just being an old fuddy duddy :slight_smile: (I am but not the point)


If you can accomplish what you want without the “feature”, it’s feature bloat. And I’ve been in the PVR game since the Sony Beta Max. Have you tried slingtv and others…

Accomplishing what I want is what the title states. Tell me how I can accomplish this without this feature since the feature is what I want? :wink:

ps: This IS a feature request forum, not an opinion forum.

But as a feature request forum, would it not be appropriate to find out which users want this feature you’re asking for? Or what they think of this feature overall?

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I have not tried Sling. Tablo looked like the perfect OTA DVR with free guide and xternal HD. If there are others that do this, I am open.

have you tried amazon prime. You talk about IPTV. Is tablo an IPTV system?

Not following the Amazon Prime comparison. Also trying to understand the Sling comparison. Those are subscription services, which is the antithesis of Tablo…and what I assume we’re all trying to avoid

This sounds to me more like a statement for the tvOS Product Manager who would own the dev roadmap