Curious why this happens

I have Tablo app installed on a Nvidia Shield set top box. Works great for the most part. I also have Private Internet Access (VPN) installed on the same. Now, when I activate the VPN, I am not able to connect to the Tablo app on the box. Is this normal or just a glitch? Thanks.

I would assume that’s because when you are connected to PIA you can no longer see the Tablo on your network.

Different IP address?

With the VPN enabled it appears to the Tablo app that you are now on a different network than the local network where the Tablo is located.

Do you have Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing) enabled and working on your Tablo?


The above is correct. The VPN will alter the external IP - which causes the Tablo’s discovery process (a lookup to our server) to not work properly.

Thank you for the replies, This cleared up everything.