CTV 9.1 Toronto not working

My Tablo is picking up about 30 channels from Newmarket, ON including several American stations. However for the last two days (April 18-19), I can’t seem to pickup channel 9.1 CTV or its very weak.

Any suggestions?

Usual stuff. Figuring out direction and strength of their tower, etc… Antenna positioning, that sort thing.

CTV in Toronto broadcasts on VHF channel 8 so if your antenna is strictly for the UHF range (14+) then that could be part of your problem. I am in Toronto and have noticed problems picking up CTV on occasion. Could be the large oak tree that is between me and line of sight to the CN tower.

It’s very strange. I have always been able to access this channel. Only recently have I ever had any trouble. My antenna is roof mounted at just under 40 ft.

Hi. I’m in Richmond Hill just south of you. I have a UHF only antenna and got CTV perfectly for 5 years until about 2 month ago, no idea what changed. Perhaps something to do with all the condos going up around me. Anyway, I added a VHF kit to my antenna and reception is perfect again.

Which VHF kit?

Added Antennas Direct VHF-1 Retrofit Kit to my DB8e

Cool. Where did you buy it? How much?

You can get one from Save and Replay in Mississauga for $28. Not sure where else they are available.