CS on the blink

Commercial Skip not working for 2 days. All settings are correct. Is it down?

Getting “Commercial Skip upload failed”

Commercial Skip upload failed
This message indicates that your Tablo was unable to upload data to the commercial skip server due to an internet connectivity slowdown or outage on your Tablo’s home network. If you see this message regularly, please check your Tablo’s connection to the internet and ensure that your ISP upload speed meets the minimum requirement of 1 Mbps (although 3 Mbps is recommended).

I agree, all of a sudden? for multiple days? …yea, that’s what they say

My upload is over 12Mbps. Can Tablo reply if their having a problem or not?

I have 1g fiber up and down and mine isn’t working either

Although TabloTV and occasionally TabloSupport and a rare visit from TabloEngineering this isn’t actually a sanctioned support forum.

They generally suggest you open a ticket, contact tech support or contact them directly… but they do comment from time to time.

Ask the Tablo Team | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

I’m seeing a rash of CS upload failures too. I have 18 failures staring with the first recording at 16:00 CST on 12/30 though a recording @ 18:30 on 12/31. Recordings after that do not show a failure yet and are shown as processing using Tablo Tools:

Thank you for your posts. There was a server issue which has been addressed and normal processing has been restored.

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Thanks TE, I’ll check my next program for CS and if it doesn’t work, I’ll post here.

Still having the CS issue today 1/4 started on 12/30. 6 days now.

Mine has started working again after Tablo Engineering fixed the server that was down.