Credit Card Expired - Unable to add new one - Guide is gone! BEYOND PISSED

I had to have my credit card canceled and replaced due to an unauthorized charge. Didn’t realize that this was the card that was assigned to my subscription and I received a notification email on Nov 1 that my subscription failed.

Apparently when it failed my guide service was IMMEDIATELY suspended and it hasn’t recorded anything since!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I can’t even begin to explain how pissed I am. It had already downloaded the guide for the next X days, why not let it at least continue recording for now while I replace the credit card?

On top of that I have tried 4 different credit cards and all of them are being rejected. I am guessing tomorrow I will get multiple notifications from my different banks that my card was used in Canada and will I authorize the charges.

No Paypal? No US clearing house?

Really really impressed.

Have you contacted support?

That’s very unfortunate, I’d be upset too.

Contact support directly, open a Support Ticket about it.

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Aren’t you still supposed to get 24 hours of guide for free?

You do, but you cannot use ‘scheduled recordings’ without the subscription, only manual recordings.


Sorry for the wait. I’ve taken a look into this personally, and we’ve renewed your subscription. You’re good to go from here.

For anyone wondering: our billing system will try three times (with three automated emails notifying you) to bill your card if the first transaction fails. The subscription features use these three days as a grace period as well (i.e you won’t lose your features).

Once the card has failed three days/times in a row, the subscription is cancelled, and you’re reverted from a 14-day guide to a 24-hour one.

Hope this helps.

Huh. I didn’t realize that. That’s good to know.

I don’t know that this is true - My last recording that was made was on 10/31 - The first time the credit card failed was on 11/1 - From that point on there were no new recording made.

I would have been a lot less upset if the recordings had continued and the guide data was simply not refreshed and if after 3 days it stopped that would have been one thing.

I also don’t know that 3 days is a reasonable timeframe. I was traveling and all I heard from home was that it had stopped recording. It wasn’t until I got home and rebooted the Tablo that I realized what the problem was.

I have checked and the subscription has been reactivated and the recording schedule is back!

Thanks for your help…

I had a similar issue but losing the recording schedule wasn’t a big deal for me. In my case, the credit card on file was debited fine for the first two months of my sub (along with a $.04 “Foreign Transaction Fee” which I assume was tacked on by my bank). On the third month of my sub, Tablo apparently tried and failed the 3 times to debit my card but my bank showed each one as successful. My guide was reverted to the basic version. I griped heavily to Tablo and ultimately, they granted me an additional 30 day free period with all three debits erased from my bank account. After the 30 days was up, I purchased a year sub with a different card with no problem and no foreign transaction fee. Strange that their payment system showed that all three attempts failed but my bank said they went through. All good in the end.

Just get the lifetime subscription and then you do not have to worry about it ever again!

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