Creating DVDs from TABLO files

I am able to export a single *.ts file of program recordings from my TABLO using the TABLO-VLC add-in. Such files seem to play OK on various media players. However, I have not had very good luck making DVDs from these files. The videos do play, but seem to have a lot of interlace artifacts.

So my questions are:

01). Is there a preferred video setting in the TABLO that would have the best chance of yielding a DVD-compatible video file? (480i, 720P, 1080P, 30 or 60 fps)?

02). Should the TABLO-VLC program convert the files as it downloads instead of exportng the “raw” format, and, if so, what would be the best conversion routine to create a DVD-compatible file?

02). Has anyone found a good (read:FREE) DVD creator program that works with TABLO files?

Thanks for any suggestions.

The native video format for DVDs is MPEG-2 video.

The Tablo records in h.264 video, not MPEG-2 video. Even though it’s a .ts container the video format is different when you pull the recordings from the Tablo.

Old school DVD players cannot play h.264 video in a DVD format.


Use the Tablo Ripper created by @cycleJ.
(Search for Tablo Ripper or posts by cycleJ)

It will rip your recorded TV Programs and save them as a mp4.

Works great.



Does it keep the quality of the original recording?

Yes check out Jestep’s Tablo Exporter too.

It can export to MPEG2 video format in TS files.