Creating a follow list of my favorite shows

Hello community :grinning: I just got my tablo dual HDMI about one week ago, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot.
However, there’s one feature that I can’t believe doesn’t exist yet, and that is the ability to follow my favorite shows, or remind me what times my favorite shows start.
Maybe this feature already exist somewhere and I’m blind :slightly_smiling_face: but I really would love a feature where I can follow my favorite shows and see when they’ll be on!

I don’t think tablo software can directly do that.

Tablo was designed basically as a DVR. So there is some assumptions that a user knows what they want to record,. So one thing I do is take a program(s) I’m interested in and mark them to record. Then under the scheduled menu most apps have a coming soon filter that covers 14 days. That way you know what is happaning with the scheduled shows for the next 14 days. And if you don’t want to record it you just un-record the individual episode(s).

Have you looked at the various Program Guides? They let you search by type, such as Movie or TV Show, and genre, and they look out at the entire 14 days that is part of the guide. You can also search by name. Once you find a program, it will show you when it is on and what channel, and allow you to schedule a recording, including recording all or all new episodes.

Yes I have. I know I can find a show with the program guides, but I just want to favorite some of them, so I can watch them without filling up my hard drive in 5 seconds with all the recordings :frowning:
Also, just to possibly remember a new show I watched without having to write it down elsewhere would make my life easier :slightly_smiling_face: