Has anyone noticed that COZI tv listings don’t match their broadcast, and the listing i.d. is “NEWSY” but the tv screen shows the COZI watermark.

RETRO lists shows but broadcasts different programs?

This is in SW FL. Whats going on?

No but during the weekdays my COZI guide will always have Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy where they belong on NBC and also in the same time slot on COZI. And that is not what is playing on COZI.

And while a opened a ticket my NEWSY guide hasn’t filled in yet.

In my area, Rewind TV is also populated with program info from CoziTV,
(Kinda interesting that CoziTV seems to be a common denominator)

I also opened a support ticket. Support then asked for screenshots showing that Rewind TV was populated with incorrect programming info.

I’m guessing that this problem is not with Tablo, but with either the guide provider or Rewind TV or both.

I sent an email to “” about this NEWSY/COZI scheduling issue.
Lets see if they can explain…but don’t hold ur breath.

No response yet.

You need to ask the local station. NBC is NBCUni and Newsy is EW Scripts

I got my 17s fixed with no screen shots.