Couple questions on the Plex app?

In reading all the threads about the Plex app I have a few questions that are hard to get answers based on the current threads.

  • first and foremost - does the app still work with tablo 2.2.8?

  • how exactly does the plex app work? I presume its directly accessing tablo without leaving your network and then it is handling the processing/transcoding?

  • Similar to just above - would the plex app in theory be better (in terms of performance and stream-ability) than the tablo apps since the plex server is most likley going to be running on a box with much more processing power than the tablo itself? I ask this because I’ve never had any buffering or other streaming issues with my plex server streaming full 1080 movies.

Watching DVR content works well for me, but live TV is a bit hit or miss

Tablo is integrated through a channel in Plex. It is completely different from how Plex handles media on your network. I believe the channel connects to plex on the server side to the Tablo API.

Unfortunately, no. The quality is worse - I presume because it is being transcoded twice- at the tablo and by plex. Live TV in particular is often unwatchable for me. I say presume because I do not actually know. I juist know there is visible compression that is only present when using plex.

Thanks for the responses.

Just a thought in regards to your comment about the video quality…could that be partly due to the settings on the plex server? I presume your other content doesn’t have quality issues via plex…personal content stored locally that is - not a netflix or hulu streamed content? If that’s the true then it probably isn’t plex settings.

I was thinking if you set tablo to record at the highest level, but then watch via plex…the tablo wouldnt transcode anything - but plex would based on it’s settings. Unless I have the wrong understanding of how/when tablo transcodes.

Right. I stream 1:1 bluray rips on plex primarily. Aside from rare buffering I experience no issues.

I record at max quality on my tablo, the transcode/not transcode I believe depends on the client side settings. For example, on my ipad I stream at full quality, so no transcoding. On my iphone I max it at 2 mbps, so transcoding. I never set any such setting for the plex channel and I’m not sure if I can. Without being able to read the code I’m not sure I can find out if the plex channel through the API is client side full quality - I would hope so.

Only thing I can think of, is plex using the internet - not LAN to connect to Tablo/device? So my network speed isn’t gig, but 50 mbps?

Yeah if the plex app is not staying contained within your LAN and directly hitting the tablo then I could see there can be issues there, even if you have a high bandwidth speed, you can still run into all kinds of other issues out in the wild.

I’ll give it a go tonight on my xbox 360 (I asked these questions because I just ordered a roku - gift cards made it nearly free - and forgot I could use my xbox via plex to access tablo in this one extra room).

I’ll be curious to see if the experience is the same as you describe…in which case, that roku probably won’t be returned!

Cool. Let us know the results.

Hey there, new to Tablo here but I am trying to get mine setup to work with Plex (mainly because I use the Plex Apple TV app). I find that I can use the channel just fine for LiveTV and Recorded TV via the Plex channel without issue if I am on my home network. I cannot get it to work outside of the network.

Is this expected behavior? I find the Plex app is faster than the Tablo app even…