Couple of ideas

#1 - Why is the “Live TV” banner so tall? it takes up 40% of the screen and limits the guide, I love the clock on most pages that is very helpful, but the Live TV banner could be 10% of the height of the display and more guide could be seen and scrolled.

#2 - Please add a percentage to the drive storage status. Something like 11% Used / 89% Free.

#3 - The scheduling priority thing is important and would be welcome.

New to Tablo, long time Tivo user (but no more!). Agree with all these!

It’s so they can show you all of this wonderful eye candy

Seriously…that’s the only reason to have it as large as it is…if it was a bit smaller you wouldn’t be able to see so much of the graphics :slight_smile:

It’s the ‘Wilson’ section of the grid guide.


But seriously, there have been discussions about how to use this space in a better way without impacting overall performance. We just haven’t landed on the best approach.

At least that is a reason - the empty blank program I must have been on made it look like a wasteland of dark blue.

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