Couldn't stream live sports event but could stream tv show

My apologies if this is on the site, but I didn’t see it. I just purchased a Tablo Dual LITE [TDNS2B-01-CN] and hooked it up to my tv. At this time I wasn’t planning on buying a DVR as I believe it said that was optional. Upon first hooking it up I tried to watch a live sports event and it told me that it couldn’t do that without a DVR hooked up However, then I went to another channel that was broadcasting a normal tv show - let’s say star trek and it worked fine. It seems odd that there’s a differentiation between the two. Any advice would be most appreciated.

I may get hard drive but want to give this a go first.


I assume you mean “without a hard drive hooked up”, not a DVR (since the Tablo is a DVR). A hard drive really isn’t optional, since you lose almost all the benefits of a Tablo (recording, being able to tune multiple channels at the same time, etc).

Not sure exactly why you would get a problem with a live sporting event. I can only think of two reasons.

  1. The event is pretty long, so the limited amount of storage on the Tablo Dual LITE would be exceeded.
  2. It was a 720P channel at the highest resolution, and needed two tuners. Though I thought that affected only the 4-tuner Tablos.

Please be more specific

A Dual Lite is a networked device and doesn’t have a “TV” connection. And

How do you you hook up the DVR, presuming the Tablo is hooked up without it?

I used an HDMI cord to hook up to a standard tv so I could view reception. Yes it is networked like you said. If I understand it right the Tablo I have has a small DVR internally. What I should say is that I don’t have a hard drive hooked up now to it. I will in the future but this is crawl walk run with the install and the sports show made we wonder. I’ll try another longer show like snowcat suggested and that likely is the reason why. I’ll get back to you guys on results. thanks