Correct Guide, Wrong Channels

I’ve seen many posts about wrong guide information, but don’t recall ever seeing one where the guide is correct but the channels are wrong. Although I don’t believe the Tablo (4th Gen, 2-tuner) or guide data provider is the problem, I am not sure what action to take.

In my area (Brevard, zip 28712) there are four multiplexed channels for PBS. According to the PBS NC (North Carolina) website at, and a description in Wikipedia, channel 27 (WUNW-TV) uses a somewhat non-standard configuration for its channels as follows:
27.1 = PBS Explorer Channel
27.2 = PBS NC (the main, 1080i, PBS channel)
27.3 = PBS Kids (Rootle)
27.4 = The North Carolina Channel

My program guide agrees with this configuration, except that the data for 27.4 is missing which is probably a data vendor problem that is not the concern of this post. However, when I select (from the guide) the 27.1 channel ID or a program on channel 27.1 I receive channel 27.2. When I select 27.2 I receive channel 27.3. And when I select 27.3 I receive 27.1. (When I select 27.4 I correctly receive 27.4). My results agree with the standard channel configuration for PBS NC.

The reason I don’t think Tablo or the guide data provider is in error is that if I connect the antenna directly to the TV and perform a channel scan I get the same results.

I’ve sent an email to PBS NC and they responded that some maintenance was performed and the problem was fixed. However, nothing changed. After several weeks I sent a reminder email. They responded by asking for my contact number. Assuming that meant a phone number, I sent it to them. After several weeks with no response I called and left a voice mail message. I have had no response to the call.

Is is possible the channels are correct (possibly changed) and the web information has not been updated, and the guide data is wrong? Should I try contacting them again? Or should I file a complaint on the FCC web site?

Since the station reported the issue was fixed, have you tried deleting all of the PBS stations from your lineup in SETTINGS, saving the new lineup, then running a new channel scan and re-adding the channels?

Yes, I tried that several times over the past couple months. Also, as confirmation, I rescanned the channels on a TV (with an antenna connected directly) a few times with the same consistent results. So it seems to me that either the channel lineup on the tower (about five miles away) for WUNW-TV channel 27 is in error, or they changed the channel configuration without updating their website or providing the new guide data.

There is also another tower about 10 miles away, in a more difficult direction for reception, that is associated with WUNF-TV, PBS channel 33, that does have the other configuration. I wondered if there might possibly be some interaction with the reception of the two signals so I tried placing the antenna (with Tablo) in many places in the house in attempt to receive that channel. In only one spot could I receive it, but it was very weak and eventually disappeared.

Incidentally, the Wikipedia link PBS North Carolina - Wikipedia provides a description of the two channel configurations under the sub heading “Subchannels”.