Cordkillers podcast

Does anyone else listen to the cordkillers podcast?

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Never have, but will now that you made us aware of it.



Well, hey, I’m glad I mentioned it! I guess I should explain their segments in the show.

Primary Target: The big cord cutting news stories of the week
Signals Intelligence: News on services, such as Hulu/Netflix/Amazon
Gear Up: News on hardware, such as Roku/AppleTV/FireTV
Front Lines: Kind of a lightning round on smaller stories. Rapid fire, 60 seconds to discuss and move on
Under Surveillance: What are upcoming series/events from providers
Dispatches from the Front: Listener Feedback

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I started listening to this. It is a great podcast in my opinion. Fun and informative.

You guys should suggest that they talk about Tablo. Maybe this time they’ll get our name right. :wink:

Robert Heron was singing the praises of Tablo on the latest episode.

Spotted that! It was very nice of him.