Cord-Cutting Speeds Up

It’s not slowing down or even leveling off. The rate is increasing\accelerating!

Americans want to cap off their streaming expenditures to $20:

Sure, I would love to spend just $21 a month for all my streaming needs, but that isn’t going to happen. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime (which is mainly for shipping), Crunchyroll, and Funimation. I did have Sling (the most expensive service in my list), but I dropped it as soon as they cut the FOX RSNs.

Other than my internet service and annual guide subscription for Tablo, I subscribe to nothing else. And that’s how it will stay. We tried other services years ago and found we rarely used them.


We subscribe to three services: Amazon Prime, the Hallmark Channel and the Britbox. That keeps us to $20 per month. Along with our OTA, that gives us more hours of viewing than we can get through. Our previous cable\satellite bill was $150 per month and did not give us the entertainment we have today! That’s a $1,500 saving per year.

I shouldn’t even consider Prime a part of the entertainment bill since we use Amazon for a lot of purchases and get quite a lot of saving through free delivery and discounts (specials for Prime members). We may add Disney+ in the fall ($7). But that’s it.

Twenty dollars or less is a good limit and doable…

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I believe there’s a bit of blurring and misunderstanding. I don’t pay +$100yr and say “I get free shipping” with your membership fee, you get upgraded to free 2-day shipping. Yes, video is included although it is possible to have just Amazon Video.

Don’t forget to figure in the cost of internet access… necessary for any of the services (including tablo). I’m sure it’s still a substantial savings, and you get to decide what and when you watch something.

Ok, I see “the Hallmark Channel”, “the Britbox” ? :yum: :poop: