Cord Cutting Podcast - Interview With CEO of Tablo

A few days ago, on The Cordcutting Show podcast, the hosts interviewed Grant, the CEO of Nuvyyo (Tablo).

It’s a pretty interesting podcast, but he doesn’t reveal anything we haven’t heard around here. Here are some highlights I remember:
-Tablo is more focused on making the TV viewing experience the best (as opposed to mobile, which appeared to be their original vision based on other interviews I have watched). In my mind this is a great pivot for pleasing the majority of cordcutters.
-When asked which platform is the most powerful or easy to develop for, Grant said that Roku was by far the least powerful and hardest to code beautiful functional apps. The rest are about equal.
-Grant doesn’t see OTA TV going anywhere in the next 5 years due to the need for live and local television.

The podcast itself is very good, although I feel like they are slightly biased towards certain platforms (aren’t we all?). This is likely due to one of the hosts running the largest FireTV news website.

Link to Podcast on Pocketcast app


This pivot was actually as a result of our first user survey. So many folks were clamoring for better/more apps for the big screen so that’s what we’ve focused on over the last year or so.

(And now is time for the plug…) If you haven’t filled out our user survey yet, please do so! Your input matters and greatly affects the direction of the product as a whole and how we work with you.

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I completed the survey just this morning. Out of curiosity, are y’all going to be sharing the results of the survey? It would be interesting to see how the responses from the user community compare with mine.

@lkahhan - We’ll for sure share some relevant data. We are having a series of planning meetings over the next couple of weeks so perhaps I can convince Grant to put together a little ‘state of the union’ address that we can post in the New Year.


Excellent! I know that y’all like to keep development plans close to the vest until ready to announce, but was hoping that some user responses could be shared without giving away the store.