Cord Cutting - How do YOU do it?

With ATT uverse internet only you also get espn3 via the WatchEspn app. Espn3 is often more entertaining then ESPN/ESPN2.

Combine ESPN3, with OTA sports, and sling multi-stream sports, there should be enough sports to send anyone into a coma.

  • Apple TV 4 with two game controllers
  • Bluetooth speakers for surround sound
  • Tablo 4 tuner DVR with lifetime subscription
  • Seagate 3 TB USB 3.0 drive for storage
  • Teksavvy 30 Mbps unlimited data plan
  • Netflix
  • Shomi
  • Tablo
  • YouTube
  • NHL Game Center Live
  • Sportsnet

For those of us who have PlayStation Vue, you can use those login credentials for many cable channel apps also.

I prefer Amazon Fire TV to Roku. If you get an Amazon Fire TV, the 2015 (4K) model has a faster processor than the 2014 model and the Fire TV Stick. I had Roku 3 and the Tablo app kept crashing. I like Amazon Fire TV’s clean and slick interface. I have AmazonPrime and I like the way it is integrated into Amazon Fire TV’s menus. People that don’t have AmazonPrime have said they don’t like that it is integrated. Roku’s app graphics were too big for me and took up too much of the screen. Yes Roku has the most apps but Amazon Fire TV has all the popular apps and then some. There might be an app you really like on Roku that Amazon Fire TV doesn’t have so that might make the decision easier. Most importantly, I keep hearing that people prefer the Tablo app on Amazon Fire TV over the one on Roku. C|net has a great grid that they keep updated of channels (apps) on the major streaming devices so you can easily see who has what. You can find it here:

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Actually, he sounds like DJT…“I could accuse you, but…” RIGHT

Another nice benefit of a FireTV is the Alexa integration - especially if you have home automation. I can watch TV in the basement and dim the lights by talking to the FireTV - turn off lights in the rest of the house, turn them on when I am done so I don’t have to walk upstairs in the dark at night. I can ask for the weather and sports scores and what time something is on TV, etc.

But both the FireTV and Alexa are more complete products if you have Prime.

Well, before everyone started pissing in each other’s sandbox, the best thing I got out of all this was try out PlayStation Vue. I didn’t realize it worked with so many different devices so I’m gonna give it a trial this weekend. I’m not EVEN gonna go there on the DVR side.

You have to remember that when the Tablo came out there was no Vue, no SlingTV, etc.

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None of us are sports fans so thats a huge issue easily checked off our list… we dont watch sports programming so it was easy to skip over this hurdle.

We use Roku3’s but recently with the release of the Apple TV app have replaced one of them with the AppleTV… We also use mostly Apple/iOS devices and desktop computers to also watch content…

We also have a dedicated linux based PLEX server that currently houses all my old DVD and audio collection , so my solution consists mostly of PLEX+TABLO covers 90% of it.

What we dont get from the TABLO/PLEX we supplement with Netflix, DVD/BlueRays etc… may looking into Playstation Vue but don’t currently use it …

I’ve recently returned to the States from a few years overseas and DO NOT want to subscribe to cable or satellite. So I’ve been doing a lot of reading on my cord cutting options. I’ve decided on the following, at least to start out:

  • 50 Mbps from the local internet provider.

  • 4th Gen Apple TV

  • 4-tuner Tablo OTA DVR

  • Sling TV sub (at least for a while to see if I like it.)

  • Netflix sub

  • HBO Now sub

This is all to just start out. The only hiccup I see is I’m a New Orleans Saints fan, and can’t get any games OTA or via the Sling sub. I’m considering going the NFL Game Pass route since they’ve dropped the price to $100 for a season. But all the games are on-demand and I can’t watch them until they are over. I’ll have to see how it works out I guess.

I had considered the TiVo Bolt instead of the Tablo DVR, but I like the idea of using one device (The Apple TV) to access everything. With the Bolt I’d have to switch between devices all the time.

One thing to beware of if you plan lots of internet streaming… many internet providers have data caps that you don’t want to run afoul of. Your ISP should have a tool that allows you to monitor your monthly data usage.

Also, for the best Tablo experience, you’ll want to make sure your network is up to snuff, and that you have a decent antenna that is positioned to give you the best possible signal.

Good tips. Thanks. I also plan to use an Apple Time Capsule (2TB) as the Wi Fi router with the Apple TV and Tablo both plugged directly into the router via Ethernet.

I see there is another thread for this. I had just tried the Sling Tv for a week and tried Vue this weekend. I really like it. 39.99/mo is a no brainier for me. Streaming is solid and up to 5 devices. Plus, all the local broadcast stations included and the show tagging to watch up to 28 days later. I won’t even need the Tablo anymore which has been troublesome.