Cord Cutting - How do YOU do it?

Good point, I do almost feel like I have been censored.

I use tablo 2 tuner OTA DVR for local content
I front end my three TVs with Amazon Firestick and FireTV
On that use the tablo app, HBO NOW, Netflix, Amazon Streaming, Playstation Vue App
The playstation vue gives us all the sports for espn, fox sports, and many other stuff. It also provides most of our “cable” content like Discovery and AMC.

I pay for Internet access from my provider and nothing else. Saves us about $80 a month based on our older plan with the cable company and we pretty much get the same stuff.

I also do the MLS App on the Apple TV for Soccer

“Not really wanting to berate you but I would be thought a fool to not point that out.”
To the contrary, you present yourself in precisely that way by your emotionally charged overwrought exhortation regarding my obviously lighthearted sarcasm to your “…those who love their Tablo” remark.
Get a grip and save your self righteous indignation for a more receptive audience.

Well, there’s another thread that had a good potential for discussion that went south with personal feelings and such. Why does everyone feel the need to make these threads personal and such. Who honestly gives a rats a** if he’s a Tivo fan or not? Get a grip for goodness sake.


Geeeez! All I said was TiVo had some features missing from Tablo that I liked and the interface is faster and the channels don’t take 3 seconds to load when you change them and maybe a couple of other things. Your making it seem like some big sin that I did this in a Tablo forum. Geeeez shoot me now!

You said my “objective” (you have objective confused with subjective, look it up) thinking outside the box is like I am telling my wife that I have a mistress? So I’m cheating on Tablo by having an affair with TiVo? And Rovi is in there somewhere too so … Oh my God … I must be having a three-way. Oh my God, I have to see my priest!

I don’t have a problem that you guys prefer Tablo why do you have a problem with those who don’t? You chose what you prefer and so did we. With the technological advances, corporate changes, and device malfunctions that can happen in a year, I may decide Tablo is the best choice for me at that time. Could it be that you have a problem with “us” being in “your” forum. I’m fairly sure Tablo doesn’t mind, why should you?

“We’re not so different, you and I” … Dr. Evil

Me and others that purchased Tablo equipment, took the time to set it up, learn about it, use it for awhile, post feature requests, then wait and hope before trying something else and then finding out we preferred our new choice … all still have the same right to use Tablo’s forums. I am still interested in Tablo and where they are going so I will continue to check, follow, and post to Tablo’s forums. I am also interested in TiVo and where they are going. I know you think TiVo is in the toilet but Rovi paid 1.1 billion for TiVo, its patents, and it’s 10 million customers to add to Rovi’s 18 million customers. The combined companies will generate $800 million in revenue this year. These are OBjective facts from the NY Times. If that’s in the toilet, I wonder where that puts Tablo? Hehe just kidding I know they are doing OK also.

I admit I did one nasty post awhile back out of frustration for features and I shouldn’t have done that. I guess being ridden by you guys could be my karma for that hehe.

You should put LOLs and :yum: smileys when you are being lighthearted. Otherwise it comes across as sarcasm. My apologies for my part in the misunderstanding.

Thank you, I am finished with trying to defend why I started this forum. But I wouldn’t really consider myself a TiVo fan as in a year or two I’ll most likely be using something else. But I am a PlayStation Vue fan because it is AWESOME! Oh crap I better be careful, this is not a PlayStation forum. LOL :scream:

I’m done for now, I have to get ready for Google Fiber who is installing Gigabit Ethernet TODAY!!! :grin:

I just went to Amazon Fires with PlayStation Vue and am loving it!

This guy’s posts remind me of “sponsored tweets” in Twitter or “sponsored news” in Facebook. A company usually hooks you in by “discussing” a generic problem as if they have a bird’s eye view and then after all the details are outlined in an “objective” fashion, zings you with their “solution” - typically their product. As if they were concerned about your problems from a neutral and objective standpoint all along. The bait & hook approach…

Most people here have made their choice and are satisfied with Tablo’s direction. No need to continually revisit ad nauseam and ad infinitum DVR options. Give it a rest; Tivo is going to its resting place anyway, Tivo R.I.P.

I’m thrilled to see Tablo’s progress with Apple and moving forward. No dinosaurs here :relaxed: Tablo is a pleasure for cord cutting!!!


Mmmmmm, Google Fiber :scream:

I used to recommend TiVo to people who don’t need a device designed for streaming from the ground up like I do and who don’t mind paying more for the experience. It is not for me, but it is for some people. However, I am currently hesitant to recommend TiVo to anyone as I am waiting to see how the chips will fall with the Rovi acquisition. There is too much uncertainty regarding the future of their DVRs given Rovi’s history of acquiring companies for their patents. In general, with technology, I expect everything to go out of date and be replaced in relatively short order, so I don’t worry too much about what is around the corner unless something is truly imminent. But TiVo is such a significant investment that I would need time to see that Rovi continues to commit themselves to the device and to advancing the device in the right direction before I could recommend it - especially since ATSC 3.0 is going to inspire advancement in OTA DVR capabilities.


Based on what I’ve been reading they (Rovi) want to ditch the hardware and just license out the software to companies that want it on their boxes. This could open the door to cheaper boxes but as @Vonda_Z said, only time will tell.

I’m with you though. I want to see where there dust settles before I’d invest in one.

Hardware is a commodity business. Many of the components are common across products classes. Most companies have gotten out of or would love to get out of engineering iron. The cost of having 5-25 engineers, product managers, testers, and support personnel is very high.

As an example, if the DVR board components for Tivo, DVR+, and Tablo were all similar and sales volume was high enough, you might find all of these products engineered and manufactured by a contract manufacturer such as Foxconn.

Tablo for OTA channels. OTT for everything else. (Netflix, Acorn TV and Sling (which will be switched once either Sony PS Vue gets the ball rolling with a Roku channel or when the new service from Southern Fibernet gets going) for subs. Google Play and VUDU for rentals and/or purchases.)

I used to have Comcast/Xfinity for TV. I wouldn’t go back to it for the world. It’s hilarious to keep getting mailers from them promising the “best TV experience evar!!111!!” and they still want a 2-year agreement for coming back. Pathetic. lol

I’m saving about $130/month because I used to have one of the “triple play” packages with phone service I didn’t even use.

I really have nothing negative to say since switching (maybe OTA reception could be better for some stations but that’s physics for you). Love the Tablo since I absolutely hate watching live TV with all its ads. Sling TV could be better but I’ll probably switch as I mentioned before.

I was about to post my setup, but it matches Warunicorn’s setup exactly! We are also considering a move to PS Vue on the Roku, just waiting a bit to see what people think of the service on a Roku.

This one has my vote for worst thread ever!

I share your thoughts. It’s more than a coincidence that Tivo finally relented from their hard-assed overpriced monthly rates at the same time as the Rovi acquisition.
Advice to current Tivo owners…Take a deep breath - exhale.

Thanks mom. We boys do get rambunctious from time to time.

Your quite welcome. Sometimes children need a helping hand.

I did not know we can use our TWC internet information to log into Watch ESPN. That is great. Im glad you mentioned it.