Cord Cutting DOES Save Money

Critics to the contrary, cutting the cord does save money:

The biggest savings that I see are no cable box rental (which can really add up for multiple TVs), no HD fee, and no programming taxes.

I subscribe to Neflix, Amazon Prime, Sling, Funimation, and Crunchyroll (plus the Tablo lifetime subscription). While that does add up, it is still cheaper than cable/satellite, plus it gives my family and me the programming that we want to see.


For me cord cutting equals liberty. Freedom from the contractual tentacles of the cable octopus.


If you have access to enough OTA, cord cutting saves a TON of money (in many cases could save you over $100/mo.).

I used to live somewhere that had one TV station. Cable TV was very very very cheap there… there wasn’t much of a choice. But if you have access to many OTA channels, cordcutting is the most obvious way to save thousands of dollars over a relatively short period of time.

For us it was more the choice of NOT PAYING for programming we never watch eg. sports programming/espn etc… and considering thats generally a large chunk of the cost of your cable bill I was happy to jettison it. It was sort of offensive paying for something that we would never watch.

While I was at it I got rid of the internet cable box rental and got my own … that saved a ton as well (more so since I got the cable modem for a pittance on a special, paid for itself in like 2 months)

In my last house, we were surrounded by mountains on all sides, with zero TV reception, so I was forced to go the cable/Sat-TV route. Now, I don’t have that problem, but kept DirecTV because I was used to it. When they wanted to charge me extra for HD (something new subscribers get for free) and then jacked up my bill to over $100/month with no premium channels, it caused me to reevaluate. Most of the channels I watch are the major broadcast networks… I already had Hulu and Netflix subscriptions, so the decision was easy for me.

I suspect cord cutters like us are always looking to save money. Tough to do if you need internet access, but I was able to negotiate a nice 2 year deal with my provider. For home phone, I don’t really need one but I pay only a little over $4/month for a good VoIP service, with virtually unlimited local and long distance calling, with really cheap international rates. Also, I dumped my alarm company of 6 years, after they jacked up my bill to over $53/month and went with a different alarm company at less than half the price with a lot more capability.

Anyway, back to cord cutting, In addition to Hulu and Netflix, The Blaze, , I had Sling TV for a while, but when Playstation Vue became available on the Roku, I switched, upping my cost slightly, but really wanted to get Fox News. If Sling decides to add it to the lineup, I might switch back because of the deal I can get through T Mobile. And speaking of T Mobile, they do have some nice deals for subscribers, giving me frequent movie credits on Vudu, access to MLB for free and some nice other perks. I’m hoping they’ll do a similar deal with NFL games when football season gets into full swing.