Copying external hard drive

My current hard drive is apparently failing.
Can I just copy it’s contents to a new drive with a simple ‘hard drive cloning’ app, like Super Duper?

How many recordings are you talking as if not a lot, I might just start new unless something you really wanted to save. I have a 5Tb on mine and starting to save some entire seasons of things, so I would lose a real lot if it just dies. :grinning:

If you have an older black Tablo, you can just use Tablo Ripper on a computer to copy the shows to a computer to save. This does not work on the new white Tablos.

I have a 2 TB seagate expansion drive (one recommended by Tablo). I’ve used about 830gb of that.
Having an issue with episodes of shows not showing up as I scroll by them (they just disappear) and Tablo seems to think the hard drive is failing.
I’m wanting to just copy from the old drive to the new one. Was thinking of plugging in old drive and new drive into same computer and just doing an exact duplicate using this app.

Tablo Ripper is not available anymore (looks like they took the download link down) so I can only use Tablo Tools.

Try the computer way at first and see as that would probably be the quickest if it works. Then if it doesn’t work, you can decide to try TT or just watch what you can then install the new HD. I had to do that once with a TiVo and watch as much as I could before the HD fully died.