Continuous reboots

A couple of weeks ago, (after “upgrading” to 2.2.32 software) on my Tablo Quad, I started having multiple reboots and disconnects. I called support and was told the drive had a number of fragmented shows causing the reboots. The tech removed the fragments and it APPEARED to be operating correctly once again. With that, I was out of the house for about 6 days. I was able to remotely connect twice. Then it said it couldn’t find the Tablo. This happened on my Android phone, my Windows 10 laptop and the Firestick we took with us.

When we got home, I found the Tablo to be rebooting one time right after another. I called support again and she was not able to get into the Tablo until I disconnected the external drive. Then she could get in and said she would consult with engineering and get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. It’s now coming up on 48 hours with no contact other than the original email from support after the call. So now, the Tablo can only be used for live viewing since she said to not reconnect a hard drive until they finish their analysis. BTW, live viewing with no hard drive works fine.

I have read of others having issues, seemingly after updating to the 2.2.32 software. Is anyone else seeing issues similar to this? Incidentally, this is the THIRD hard drive on this unit in less than a year. Two of them are brand new WD Elements drives, a 6TB and a 4TB.

I can’t believe I’m the only one seeing this kind of performance.

From reading the forums other who had this issue due to a corrupt drive found that formatting the hard drive fixed their issue. So if you’re ready to go nuclear, I recommend a factory reset of the Tablo and formatting the hard drive (you can wipe the drive using a computer, then plug it into the “new” factory reset Tablo).

I suspect you may be correct and I’m willing to do that if that will FIX the issue. The thing that bothers me is that the Tablo ran fine with this drive for a number of days. Then this problem started. That would make it appear that the cause is unknown and it’s just a matter of time until it does it again. I would hope that Tablo would like to understand WHY it’s happening so it could be addressed once and for all.

By the way, thsi drive is about two weeks old!

You might try calling and referencing your ticket #. Do NOT reply to their last e-mail because the ticketing system they use will actually send you to the back of the line if you do, you would need to wait for a reply from them if you are wanting to contact them only via e-mail.

Thanks for that! Actually, I have had quite a few emails from support after I posted. They are working on it. They have discovered the file system on my NEW drive has “very damaged filesystem” (their words) which is interesting since the drive was taken right out of the box and attached directly to the Tablo which formatted it and it and then ran fine for a week or so.

Anyway, the last I heard was they were going to format it to try to correct the file system. That was just before their closing time so I guess I will hear something else tomorrow…


Support did get back to me and they were able to reformat the drive to fix the corrupted file system and at this point, all seems to be working fine. We still have no understanding of how the file system got corrupted. If things change, I’ll report back.

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