Continuous Live TV

So, I woke up this morning to notice the Roku light was still on. Turns out the last person to use it was watching a live TV stream on Tablo. Turned the TV on, and the live TV stream was still going on through the Roku. Observing this I have a couple questions?

When watching live TV, is there any timeout? A day or two? Or does the Tablo just happily keep sending the stream?

Live TV obviously consumes a tuner.

Will a live TV stream prevent the Tablo from recording a fourth program (4-tuner Tabo) using that tuner? 
  • If so, will the tuner start recording a program if it happens to be playing on the live TV stream? 
  • If not, would I, watching the live stream, be prompted that the channel is changing (TiVo does this)?

Recordings always take priority is what Has been said before.

AFAIK just like leaving a TV STB on from say comcast…  IT will happily stream on its way until you tell it not to…

A scheduled recording with end the live tv stream if there are no other free tuners.  Wish there was a notice about it instead of it just ending.

Another thing we intend to add!