Continuous chirping noise watching recorded or live TV program

I have been getting loud chirping noise in the background whether I am watching recorded or live TV programs. I started having this problem after my Tablo Dual Lite received the latest firmware update. I get the noise watching TV programs on my PC or through Roku Ultra or Ruku Premiere.

Had the same experience last year. Discovered birds were building a nest on my porch.

The chirping noise seems to be gone after I removed channels, re-scanned for channels, then added those same channels back in.


Will, the chirping and poping noise came back. No idea on how to fix it.

Is your Tablo nearby? I had a noise coming from my Tablo (really old version though) and then the power supply died. Got a new one from Tablo store and all is fine now.

Good luck.

started to get chirping occasionally on both Roku 3 and firestick running tablo app.