Continued buffering, now no connection to wifi, multiple times this problem

I’ve had my Tablo for a couple of years now and am really beginning to regret this purchase. When I first connected, it worked well for a little while, and then I had buffering issues. Firmware was upgraded and it resumed working for a while. Then buffering returned. I bought an amplifier and it worked for a couple of weeks, then back to status quo. I changed the settings and it ran on 720 3 mbps for a while with no problem. Then back to buffering. This is happening on both new and old versions of Roku sticks and Fire sticks. I check the wifi connection b/c I have both a 2.4 and 5.0 system. 2.4 works better in far parts of the house and other streaming services work fine on both Roku and Fire sticks. Just not Tablo. Hardwiring isn’t a possibility because the antenna is at the highest point of my house (I’m in a 3 floor townhouse) and my internet router is in the basement. What is going on? I can’t seem to connect with Tablo now to make sure on the 2.4 system.

I’ve also rebooted and unplugged Tablo. Blue light doesn’t become solid.

Yeah - I googled that a while ago. Doesn’t move past the 1 blink a sec. No solid blue LED light.

Can you try a factory reset?

Is that the blue button in the back? I tried that and unplugging. Still never get to a solid blue light.

“Hardwiring isn’t a possibility because the antenna is at the highest
point of my house (I’m in a 3 floor townhouse) and my internet router is
in the basement” - No extenders? Weak to no WiFi signal?

I’ve got a mesh network and maybe 20 IoT devices in the house. The only one that has any issues is the Tablo.

And no, not all IoT devices are running at one time. A good portion of them are off.

Tablo likely uses a lot more bandwidth especially if you have the Tablo and your streaming playback device both on WiFi at the same time.

So b/c I’m using Tablo as wifi and my streaming device as wifi, that limits playback? I’m not buying that when I can do wifi on my laptop and stream a video or whatnot at the same time I’m watching something on the media stick.

Since tablo is a headless device and it’s currently not being found you probably need to check with support. But if I had the problem I would disconnect the antenna and move the unit close to the router/node and use the browser app for device detection or setup.

But only support has the proper instructions. But WiFi bandwidth is not limitless and unaffected by your neighbors devices. That’s why some users with a lot of length between the device and router connect tablo to the router via powerline adapters.

Yeah - I have an email (b/c calls are apparently forbidden) in for support assistance. The last time I had to email in for help, it took a lot of back and forth to get it resolved. Hence my continued frustration with this device and the service that I paid for.