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It would be a nice convenience to have an option from the main menu to continue watching the last episode you were watching before you exited Tablo. It’s a somewhat common occurrence for me to start a show in one room, only to stop halfway through and continue at another time or in another room.

This menu option could also be extended to allow you to ‘continue watching next episode’ of a series you left off on.

That feature exists already. If you stop watching a show, exit out of the Tablo, and then watch that episode on that device or another device, you can start watching where you left off.

What you’re describing is not what the request was.

If I exit out of Tablo and enter right back into the app (even on the same device) I have to select recordings > TV shows > navigate to my show and select it and hit play.

What I am saying is, if I didn’t finish watching a show, the next time I come back into Tablo There would be another main menu item to select that was ‘Continue Watching’ and it would just launch the last thing you had on.

Like the Plex “On Deck” shelf? Yeah, that would be handy.

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I’ve never used Plex so I’m not sure, but I would guess we are talking about the same thing. I am, however, familiar with Netflix, Hulu, AmazonPrime, PSVue and SlingTV and I know that each one of those services has a carousel type of menu devoted to ‘Continue Watching’. Seems like a logical enhancement for Tablo…

This feature is already there where you can select “resume or start from beginning”. It’s just a matter of putting the “Recently Watched” Channel in front of the “Live View” or somewhere on Startup page were we can access easily instead of going thru the channels again…

I think there should be “Recently Watched Channel” on “Live View” Category and “Recently Watched Recorded Shows” on “Recordings” Category in my opinion…

I was thinking it would just be one ‘Recently Watched’ option on the Main Menu and it could have, maybe the last 5 things you watched. If one of the last things you watched was a ‘Live TV’ channel, that could be listed there as well as recordings you were last watching. And, as I said in the OP, that function could be extended to allow you to continue on to the next episode in a situation where you’ve been binging an entire series so that it will just pick up the next episode for you to watch.

Yup… We shall see in the next App Update…

My Bad… This is Actually in there in “Recordings” … but it only list the recent titles of the shows you been in, not where the exact episodes or where you left of like what @tarheel said… Maybe a little tweak on this Category and it’ll be perfect…

I’m reviving an old thread as this would still be a useful feature for me.

How hard would it be to implement a recently watched tab? This would make it a lot easier to pick up on movies I started with the kids but haven’t finished. Otherwise, I have to scroll through 5 tb of content to find the movie we were watching, it’s not the most intuitive operation at times


Harder than you might think, but it’s something that I would personally like to see us implement.

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