CONTEST: Design the Tablo T-Shirt

Many of you have been asking for Tablo t-shirts

I have some good news on this front - we’re finally ready to get started on this project!!!

In order to ensure this t-shirt is at least 20% cooler, we’re looking to you our awesome fans to create and suggest some t-shirt designs. 

The shirt should:
 - Include the Tablo logo
 - Have a cord-cutting theme
 - Be awesome
 - Use a single colour

So polish up your Photoshop skills and submit your design in this thread by Monday July 21st at 5:00 p.m. ET

The winner will receive a free shirt featuring their design and adulation from Tablo fans for their amazing creativity. 

Awe man, my graphic design skills is way below sub-par :-/

We’ll accept submissions in just about anything but crayon :slight_smile:

@TabloTV dang, well there goes my beautiful crayon picture :frowning:   X_X =))

@Jestep - If you post it I promise to print it and put it on the fridge here at HQ. 



@tabloTV here is my t-shirt design

@tabloTV Feel free to critique and tweak my design. I still have templet

This will also be my thumbnail for the video I will make on my YouTube channel

@dave01568 - Thanks for your submission! But we really need a design that follows all the rules, one of which is using a single colour… 

Looking forward to the YouTube video!

Please explain how can people use the Tablo Logo, which is two colors, and do a design in one color? Pretty confusing instructions. LOL

You can also use as a single colour. Ideally we’d like to do black shirts with white screenprint but we’d consider doing a white tee with blue. 

Here is my attempt.  The original is much larger and has a transparent background if needed.

I like it. @AndyW

Two of my ideas.

The competition is heating up!!! 

Keep it coming guys 

Only a few more days left. Get those designs in! :slight_smile:

Another one.

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@andyw has my vote!

These simplified versions would work well too, I think:

Feel free to tweak or modify them however you like.  Different colors/fonts/whatever is fine with me.