Constantly freezing and need to reboot

OK. I really like the idea of streaming OTA broadcasts and being able to record shows for later use. That is why I purchased this device nearly a month ago.

I have not had the best experience with it. In fact I cannot watch a whole show at all without it freezing. Doesn’t matter what device I watch. I watch on my wired PC - it plays for a while then freezes. I cannot access any stream. Go upstairs and reboot. I watch on my Android phone for a while then it freezes. When I go back to any channel I get a black screen (with the play option and slider bar at the bottom). Go back upstairs and reboot. I connect to a Chromecast and it plays for a while then freezes. Go upstairs and reboot.

When I say it “freezes” the stream will not play. I can still access the unit via browser or Android.

I am running the latest firmware and it is hardwired to my home network. I have until tomorrow to return this device. I don’t really want to because I really would like to get it working correctly and most importantly stable.

Any ideas??

Warranty it out. Since you waited this long to say anything, support won’t get back to you till Monday at the earliest. The Tablo should not be freezing like that.

Do you have it standing on its side? Or laying down? I found the side is best. I think the heat causes issues laying flat. Just my experience. I have not had that issue since.

It is laying flat and is only warm. Everything else in my house streams just fine (Netflix, Plex, etc) so I’m thinking I have a problem with the Tablo - unfortunately. I’ll try it on it’s side but if that doesn’t work out I’ll have to send it back I guess.

Yea, I am not the only one that found putting it on its side helped :wink: But yes, if that does not hep

Same issue here, works fine then zap, is lost contact with network (mine is hardwired).

I used a credit card for my purchase at the first of August, so I have recourse with Amazon if this thing keeps going on the blink.

@M_B @alowrie200 If you haven’t already, please send our support team a ticket. We’ll get this fixed up for you ASAP.