Constant glitching, live tv and recordings

I’ve had my Tablo Quad for nearly a year and for the most part its been great. But in the last month its started “glitching” often… the picture stutters for just a second, but its everytime there is any type of fast action. I’m wondering if its got anything to do with my internet because its doing this now on shows i have recorded that used to not have any problem. I’m also getting similar glitches on amazon prime video and hulu is practically unwatchable due to it. I’m using tablo with Nvidea shield btw… Does anyone have experience with this?

It wouldn’t be your internet, since the Tablo doesn’t access the internet once shows are playing. But it could be your home network, since that does have a major effect on Tablo playback, as well as playback on your streaming services.

If you haven’t rebooted your router in a while, try that first. You also should run a speedtest before and after the router reboot to see if that looks better.

Thats a very curious problem. Yes, the Tablo box sends the video data to the Tablo app via the network, so whatever affectsl your network could also affect the Tablo streaming. The curious thing is that you say it is only being affected by rapid movements on the screen. If the network were to affect it, it would affect it in equal terms, with slow and fast movements. I wonder if there might be some problem related to decompressing images at a fast rate, when the movement on the screen increases. I would be suspicious of the TV as well. Is this actually happening while watching the video playback on a TV or on a computer?

How are the Tablo and playback device connected to the network?

Have you tried a different playback device like your phone or tablet? Maybe the Shield is having problems as you said other streams are also acting up.

That’s exactly my thought, that the client device itself could be the culprit, and I would rule that at out first by trying either another TV, monitor, pc, or tablet.

I had similar problems when playing back on my Android devices. It would hugely pixilate when there was fast movement in an action video. To fix it I had to rid myself of an older 10/100 switch which I think was causing the problem. I also replaced older Cat 5 cable with cat 6. Also everything else (router etc.) is Gigabit rated. This did indeed fix the problem for me.

Thanks for all the responses. I think you may be right in it being either in the sheild or tv itself because i dont have trouble with tablo on my android phone. I’ll try hooking up a differnt tv this weekend to make sure its not that. i have an older samsung LED, so that is possible too.

If you do find out it is limited to the ShieldTV then it is most likely related to how that is connected to the network.

If WiFi, then it is having a reception problem or it is switching down to the 2.4Ghz band. There is a setting on the Shield to force it to use 5Ghz, but if that band is weak where the Shield is located it may not help forcing it.

If it is wired, then change the cable. It could be flaky.

Thanks I’ll look into all that… The thing im wondering most about is what has changed. this had worked great for nearly a year until the last month or so… I didnt change how i have it connected. Maybe the sheild is junked up with mallware or something

ShieldTV seems like an interesting device. I would also make sure you have the most recent firmware for Shield and any other item related to your streaming, including your Wi-Fi router. You ask: What changed? Sometimes a new firmware fixes problems, but creates other issues. Maybe one of the items did an automatic upgrade and broke something that was good before. But now, you might as well update everything. It’s hard to say, unless you keep track of software changes in your network. Who does that? Sometimes inspecting a firmware date helps with tracking changes. Could also be a cable problem. Of course, the first question in a troubleshooting excercise should always be; what was the last change done? A simple reboot of a router or other active device may fix it as well. But the passive devices (non-powered items), such as cables and splitters, should always be inspected first.

Thanks to all who responded to my question, the issue is resolved. The Nvidia Sheild needed cleaned up. There arent many cleaner apps available on the play store for it.
CCleaner and most other common ones aren’t compatible. I tried going in and erasing the cache and data from all the apps individually. This didn’t help. After some research i found out that ES File Explorer has a cleanup tool. I already have this app on my shield. I clicked in and ran the cleaner, problems all went away.

So again thank you to all.

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