Constant Buffering Very Good Wi-fi Connection


I have been constant buffering for the last 3 days; does anyone else have this problem? I am using an Amazon Fire TV.

My Wi-fi is at full strength, just can’t figure it out.

Signal strength may not be the same as bandwidth.

Interesting you bring this up, cuz I just resolved this problem at my mom’s house.

I set up her wireless network the same as mine.
Wireless router using both 2.4GHz, and 5GHz frequencies.
2.4GHz was limited to wireless-g. (This was the problem.)
5GHz was limited to wireless-n.
Channels chosen for each frequency were the least occupied by her neighbors’ wireless networks.

Main difference is she has many neighbors using wireless-g, while I do not.
Devices using wireless-g in her house, eventhough their signal strength was excellent, would get very low network thruput.
Only a couple of her neighbors use wireless-n at 5GHz, and the devices using wireless-n at 5Ghz have excellent thruput.
I changed her wireless router’s 2.4GHz frequency mode from only wireless-g to any, which includes 2.4GHz wireless-n.
Most of her wireless devices are capable of using wireless-n, but only at the 2.4GHz frequency.
Net result was 2x - 10x network thruput improvement.

I’m all set, thanks for the help. I restarted my router, and it worked. I will look into what you both suggested.