Connectivity with Amazon Fire and Tablo

@PiX64 - Yup, you need a mouse. Plus, if you have the full Fire TV, the Tablo app only works via WIFi (no ethernet hard wire) which is why I find using the Tablo plug in through Plex easier at the moment.

BTW - I really want the official app to release.  That is all.

Yes, but I found the FTV stick remote actually let’s you do a lot, too!
The mouse seems to be required in the main part of the Tablo app, but the FTV remote let’s you navigate once you are playing a recording - almost like Tab and Alt-Tab using the arrow keys and the center as “Enter”.
I’ve gotten so used to it that it’s become second nature. The mouse and FTV remote sit side-by-side on a table next to my chair. The FTV remote is tiny so doesn’t get in the way. You can get good BlueTooth mice for from 10 to 20 bucks if you look. I found a solid very nice Microsoft BT mouse on sale for 19, figuring I could use it for other things later if I wanted. 

No Plex here and no plans for it in the near future, just don’t see the need since I can pull recordings off Tablo if I want, save them to my PC or my server, and my BluRay player will find and play them! 
My LG BluRay player can act like a media server and player by finding all the media on any compliant devices on my network, meaning all I have to do is save them off as like MP4 files, and then I’ve got many options.
But with the recordings on Tablo, which most of them stay right on the Tablo drive until watched, we use it as a DVR and not a big library, the FTV stick is great and FAST.  We don’t have time to watch so much TV or so many movies that a media server and library is really necessary. 

I’ve gone back to the Roku as it has thumbnail preview but the loading after FF on the Fire TV Stick is a lot faster.

I was just explaining to someone who is interested in a Tablo for her home how I was using it. I had to say that after hitting FF/30 on the FireTV stick the show resumes almost as fast as my finger leaves the remote or mouse, whichever I’m using for the FF/30.

I can click FF 4 times and get through 2 minutes of commercials faster than I can see the numbers increment up. By the time my eyes are at the far left end of the bar to check the time, it’s already playing again.  
Granted, no thumbnail but with the sheer speed, for me it offsets that - at least IMO for my use and my wife’s use.
By the time a thumbnail would pop up, as they do in other means, I’m already watching the show again in FireTV.
The thumbnail popping up, me recognizing it, and adjusting if needed is slower than simply hitting FF or RW as I need and relaxing even if I’m off by 4 or 5 seconds.
(weird, but with the latest firmware, even Chrome/chromecast seems a tad quicker, must be the cold drugs I’m on doing that, warped my sense of time or something.)

In any case it seems fair to assume that when the dust settles,  Roku and FireTV emerge as the top-two for interfaces - Roku will release a better device and speed things up, Amazon has a lot invested in FireTV and will keep leap-frogging the competition.

I have one Fire TV box and two Sticks. They are great! Can’t wait for Tablo for Fire TV. I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available.

Sure is close to the end of Q1…

At the moment, Fire TV does have the fastest hardware on the market but there are rumors that a Roku 4 is on the way.... 

So, does that mean Roku 4 will do a better job w/ Tablo?  Will it mean a further ‘new’ app will be needed?  Gotta believe Roku 4 will be backward compatible, but doesn’t that mean you will have the same Tablo experience?  I’ve read about the Roku lack of sync, etc.  Will these somehow be corrected with the 4?

Would be nice if someone would do a side by side with a Roku-FireTV-Android TV box!

Any update from Tablo Support for official AFTv app?

Also the new interface for Apps announced at CES in January per the Tablo Blog?

@Supfulks, both FireTv and the new Roku interface are in Beta testing right now.  I believe they were planning on releasing them to the public by end of next week, assuming all goes well with fixing the issues reported by Beta users

They announced a couple of things they wanted/needed to take care of so delayed the release from the planned end of the first quarter to “delay of 1 week” or words to that effect. I would expect something by the end of this coming week unless they run into a snag. 
Better a week late than released with known major issues like a major software company I can think of does on a routine basis just to get something out there or beat competition. IMO Tablo has no real competition so there’s no need to be first out of the gate to snag early sales. 

IS wifi only with Fire TV still the case as 7/5/2015 ?

No the official Fire TV app allows both WiFi and wired connections to the Tablo.

Thanks for the reply,
The app that I download from within Amazon TV Fire, correct ?
I have connectivity to my laptop and android cellphone, but have not been able to connect via the wired fire yet.

Yes you use the native app from the Fire TV App Store.

Are you trying to screen mirror from your phone or tablet to the Fire TV? You don’t need to do this.

Nope screen mirroring is off, and I changed developer options to allow the software to run, it just fails to finish connecting to the Fire device, it sees the proper device name

Delete the Tablo app off your Fire TV, reboot it. Then follow the instructions below on how to install it properly:
"You may not see the Tablo app when navigating the Amazon App store on your FireTV itself. You can add the app via a PC/MAC browser by clicking ‘send to’ and then selecting your FireTV device(s).

When you load the app you may see the following error message: For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. Don’t worry, this is because these apps use a third-party video player which we have confirmed is safe. To enable video playback you will need to make the following change from the main menu of your set-top-box unit: Settings -> System -> Developer Options, enable “Apps from Unknown”."

Those are the steps I tried earlier. One question for clarification. Reboot which device ? I assumed the fire tv, correct.

Yes I meant rebooting the Fire TV. Have you tried power cycling (aka rebooting) the router and then the Tablo? You should probably reboot both those devices as well.

Still trying to work this out, day 2 with support. I’m wondering if I have to break down and let it sync via wifi once and then maybe I can go back to an ethernet connection. Might have to try that tomorrow after work. Can’t wait to prove this functional for me