Connectivity question

I have a 4 tuner tablo. I currently have it connected to Ethernet. I can also connect my vizio TV (which has chromecast built in) to Ethernet. If I do, does the video signal travel exclusively on the wireless network?

This reminds me, is the Ethernet on Tablo 100Mbps? 1Gps?

Thanks in advance!

As with most such devices, the Tablo is 100Mbps

Traffic goes over your LAN from the Tablo to device. If both are wired, then of course it all happens without WiFi getting involved. If the TV/chromcast is connect via WiFi then it connects to the Tablo using that.

Once a device is paired with a Tablo on a local LAN, it can then go “remote”. In which case traffic might go across the Internet from end device to the remote Tablo.