Connectivity problems

I have had issues connecting to the tablo on a few roku’s and a local computer with the tablo PC app and the tabloripper. This drove me crazy for almost a year.

I was constantly rebooting the tablo, router and clients.

Recently, I got an internet extender (ASUS, that happens to match my ASUS router by implementing an AI Mesh technology) and plugged the tablo directly into that.

For weeks now, connectivity has been without error. Ripper and Rokus connect immediately.

Not sure if I had poor wireless over there (I tried 2.4 and 5), but having the tablo believe its hardwired seems to keep everything working great.

Thought I would pass that on.

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Well it’s not technically hard wired, the Tablo is connected to the extender by an Ethernet cable, but the extender is now the device connecting to the WiFi on your original router instead of the Tablo itself.

This also exemplifies continuously rebooting a device doesn’t actually fix any problem. If you reboot a device and it works, good, if it only work temporarily…

If the tablo is connected via network cable - technically it is wired to your network. If it’s passed to a wireless bridge, that’s another piece - the tablo is still physically wired. Networking topology gets complex and saying it is… but it isn’t makes thing difficult with trouble shooting and tech support.

It was funny, because when I was using a TIVO I did the same thing. The TIVO did not want to function over wireless with the cablecard (some security/DRM issue), they were requiring “hard wired,” so I used the extender to fool the firmware.

That was the meaning of what I was saying. The AIMesh network definitely seems stronger than the wifi in the Tablo itself, as connectivity is not a problem at all now.