Connection issues in home

I am having trouble connecting to my tablo. I am using a fire stick and have had the tablo for about a year but recently each time I turn on the TV/Fire Stick/Tablo App it cannot connect to my Tablo. I usually have to unplug power from the tablo and start from scratch. This has been happening on 2 different tv/fire stick setups (living room and bedroom). After I reset the tablo it works fine until the next time I turn the TV on, then it won’t connect again.

How old/up-to-date is your router?

You don’t actually turn off your fire sticks do you? (powered from the tv’s usb)

I had a very similar problem a while back. Then I replaced my quite old router and all was good after.

Router came with my AT&T fiber service I got about 1 year ago so it is pretty new. Fire sticks stay plugged into the HDMI, I just turn the TV off. I haven’t had any issues with the router, it’s the only one I have used with the fire sticks since I go them about a year ago when I cut the cord. The issue just started about a week or 2 ago.

SophieCat’s suggestion may be worth trying. Depending on how the FireStick is powered (from the TV USB port or separate power source), it may or may not be being repowered every time you turn on the TV. I haven’t had this happen with the Tablo, but I have had some instances where I needed to reboot/clear the cache of the FireStick after long periods of use/standby with other viewing apps. You can do this by simply powering off and on, or by going to Settings/Device and choosing Restart. That ended stuttering/reloading with those apps.

@carolinatim There are some good points here already: how is the Fire TV stick powered?
Have you tried rebooting your router instead of the Tablo to see if it addresses the problem?

Firestick is plugged into an outlet, TV doesn’t provide enough power. The wife was rearranging last week and the router was unplugged during that process, so it has been reset since this issue began.

Next time you run into this problem, can you try rebooting the Fire stick instead of the Tablo to see if you have the same problem?

Can you also try installing the Tablo Preview app on the Fire TV stick? Curious to see if it has the same problem.

If you are talking about a newer Fire TV stick I would be looking at the Fire TV OS versus the router or tablo.

Here is an example I saw last week. I leave the Fire TV stick in sleep mode until I want to use it. I live in an area that very infrequently has power outages. But the residential transformer burned out in the middle of the night.

The next time the Fire TV stick was used all the Fire TV OS would indicate is that there was a Network connection problem and the Fire TV stick was in the Network menu.

The Fire TV stick Network Menu indicated that it was connected with strong WiFI,etc. Thre router also indicated that the Fire TV stick was connected.

It was not possible to enter the UI main menu and the problem was cleared by entering the menu and rebooting the stick. The OS was a little confused. Maybe there are other ways that the OS becomes confused.

I had the same problem. Turns out the VPN has to be disconnected on the FireStick for Tablo to communicate with it. As soon as I turned off the VPN it worked great.