Connection Failed on ALL Roku Devices

I purchased a Tablo Lite a few weeks ago from Best Buy and am now having issues. I updated the Tablo on Monday to the latest update and ever since then every Roku device in my home shows the same message when I launch the Tablo app.

Connection Failed. Your Tablo is not connected to the internet, or is not on the same network as your Roku. Please check your connectivity.

The app on my phone launches without issue, the windows app is sporty, accessing it via the browser is spotty, and all rokus do not work. I have two Roku express and one TCL Roku TV. is anyone else experiencing this or know a fix?

I’ve rebooted the Tablo, my router, I’ve reset the Tablo, I’ve deleted the Tablo apps from the Roku and reinstall, but nothing seems to be the golden ticket to let me in. I sent support an email Tuesday night and am waiting for a response. If anyone has any other suggestions that would be AWESOME.

Any chance the Roku is on a different subnet/segment of the network?
Don’t hesitate to touch base with our support team directly, we can take a look and see what’s going on.

I had a similar problem. If you are not using a 10.X or 192.x subnet, try this: go into your Tablo and turn on remote access at full streaming. If everything starts to work, you ether need to change your subnet to a public 192.x or call Tablo to get rolled back to 2.2.24. Don’t forget to turn on UPnP in your router.

You are a GENIUS! It was the 192.168.x.x issue. I know Roku gets cranky at times over things like this but never imagined Tablo having the same issues. Thanks!