Connection dropping out from Roku Tablo TV app in TCL TV

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Thank you for considering the issue I’ve bumped into. My broadband speed is 20.52Mbps download, according to Ookla. I can watch Tablo recordings and live programming through the web (Google), iPhone, and iPad without any issues.

For some reason, lately, I get a very tenuous connection through the Roku app, Tablo TV, while trying to watch on a TCL tv. Other apps (Netflix, hulu, Amazon, etc.) appear to work without any issues. I’ve tried rebooting the Tablo DVR; I’ve tried power cycling the DVR; I’ve tried power cycling the router; I’ve tried re-syncing the app (deleted and restored); and I’ve re-scanned my channels. I can only watch a few seconds of a recorded or live show before it’s replaced by a tiny, white circle swirling on a black screen. My connections appear to be solid, and there appear to be no issues with the DVR, external hard drive, or external antenna.

My experience with Tablo products and support has been outstanding. I’m especially pleased with Tablo updates. Any thoughts about something else I might check to get a solid connection for the TCL tv through the Roku Tablo TV app, please? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Have a great day.

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Broadband speed doesn’t matter tablo only use the internet for guide update or firmware update. The main thing is your home network if you don’t have a great signal strength where your TCL TV is the device your TCL can’t find your Tablo try hardwire the TV to your router or move you router closer to your TCL TV if not possible get a wifi repeater and put it as close to the TV. On my case I use an old asus 2400 router an program it to be an access point now I have full strength where I have dead spot in my house.

Use your settings menu on the TCL TV and re scan your wireless connection. Run test connection first hopefully it comes back excellent. If not you have a weak wireless to the tv. If that’s the case re-scan and see if your and do a reconnect into your net work.
The password was remembered and will not need to be re-entered.
If your wireless connection on the first test was weak tun off your modem wait 30 secs and restart.

Also look for a 5G connection on your modem wireless. It is faster then the standard.

We recently got a new TCL series 6 UHD (4K) TV; it replaced an older 1080p TV. The older TV had no issues connecting up to the Tablo with an external series 3 Roku unit. The new TCL has its own built-in Roku and is frequently (sometimes as soon as it makes a connection) looses connection with the Tablo. My son is a techie and we tested the signal strength and connection speed and all should have worked. We even ran a Cat 6 cable to the TV and it still had connection issues. My son brought over his Nivida Shield and used it in place of the internal TCL Roku and the link to the Tablo suddenly was stable over WiFi. So I know the Shield solves my problems. I don’t know if your issue is the same.

Update your TV system. Roku just released a fix for this wireless issue.