Connecting via wifi

So my Wi-Fi is out and they’re not coming until September 14th so I’ve been using my Hotspot with my cell phone for the other apps on my TV but Tablo is not working there are only two cords the power cord and the antenna going into the back of the box the blue light is pulsing but my TV cannot find the tablo. any thoughts?

Only needs internet for nightly guide update (you can force one if you want) needs router to be seen on your TV. Is router not working too or dui you unplug it.

Do you have a standalone router? The router and playback device need to be connected to the same router. If that “router” is your hotspot cell phone, I don’t know if that will work.

The streaming from the Tablo normally goes:

Tablo → router > playback device (TV)

right. my tablo was set up initially with the login/password of my Netgear box. my internet is down and the isp cant come until sept 14 so Im using my cell phone hot spot to watch on my tv with my firestick. I think, if I could just find where to enter the verizon login/password on tablo, it would connect. Or is this not correct.

Hi @Jenny,

To use the Tablo, it needs to be connected to the same network of whatever device you plan on using it with, either by ethernet cable or with Wi-Fi.

It looks like that since your Wi-Fi network is down, the Tablo is currently not connected to any network and would not be findable by the Tablo app.

The pulsing light you see is the Tablo waiting to be connected via Wi-Fi to a network. If you want to use a new network (ie your phone’s hotspot in this case), you will need to go through the same steps you did originally to connect to your Wi-Fi. That means using a Tablo app that supports Wi-Fi setup, such as a mobile app, and the Windows 10 or browser webapp. Select ‘Add via Wi-Fi’ (or ‘Add Another’ if on iOS) and then follow the steps to connect to your hotpot network. Given most phones cannot be on a Wi-Fi network and have a hotspot running at once, you will likely need a separate device to do this.

Note that connecting to a hotspot via Wi-Fi is not officially a supported method as there as many unknown variables that can influence your experience. In theory however, assuming a strong connection, it should work for you in the interim.

I uninstalled the Tablo app from my TV and rebooted and couldnt find a place to change the connection. So I need to download an app on my phone? in order to connect the tablo box? Or download an app on my TV?
But yes, my phone wont let me be on wifi and run the hotspot. So regardless of these steps, I’ll need another device? to put the app on?
Im sorry its a lot of info, Im trying to process. lol.

Or tell me more about the ethernet cable…
I plug one end into the tablo box …but where does the other end go?

Add Tablo app to your phone if yo haven’t already. Follow steps here for wifi. Tablo DUAL LITE Quick Start Guide – Tablo (

Thank you! I just downloaded the app. Im going to try after work. fingers crossed.
Ok. last question. The tablo was set up with a different email. Is there a way to hard reboot and start all over. Not a big deal. Just the last of the switch over stuff.

The Tablo needs to be connected to a local network. Normally, that’s done by connecting it to your router either using Wi-Fi, or hard wiring it by connecting an ethernet cable from the Tablo to the router. If your router is not working anymore, using an ethernet cable to connect to it won’t work either.

So if you want to continue connecting to and using your Tablo, you need to use an app that has the capability of connecting the Tablo over Wi-Fi to your phone’s hotspot network. Our mobile apps, as well as the PC webapp at will also allow you to do this, though the PC should be connected to the hotspot network first.

As to your question about the email, can you elaborate on that? The email address is just what is associated with the guide data subscription service, and is unrelated to the setup of the Tablo. There should be no need to do any factory resetting. If your Tablo’s blue LED is pulsing, then it’s already good to go.

If you’re just looking to change the email, that can be done via the account portal at

Ok! Thank you.
and as far as the email goes, I got divorced nearly 2 years ago and It just hit me that i don’t know the email associated with the tablo. I should have updated that along with everything else to avoid any conflict if I need to have access to it later. So I cant access via the portal because I don’t know the username/email that was used intially. Any way to get that info with the model number or other info on the bottom of the box?

There certainly is, but you will need to contact support via email or phone here: Contact Us | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

I’m so freaking excited thank you all for your help! I couldn’t download the app on my laptop because it’s too old apparently LOL but I remembered that I have a phone that is not activated but I just use it to play music outside and I downloaded the app there and it worked!

New problem so my main router was bad. It was replaced but tablo wont connect. I have a Netgear box that is connected to the TV because the main router is too far away from the TV the TV connects to the Netgear box but I cannot get Tablo to find a connection

@Jenny Just for future reference, there’s no need to download the Windows 10 app to use the Tablo on a computer, you can simply visit the website in any web browser.