Connecting Tablo to Fire or Roku

You will find supporters of both Roku and FireStick here. I never tried a FireStick but the Roku has been pretty much trouble free for me.
And I think it has been said that Tablo seems to follow a Roku first approach to development. I’m not sure it that is official or just perceived by some.

Note, I use neither. Roku seems to be popular from many posts here, but that’s just a superficial observation. Wanted to suggest to compare devices in the charts

notice one has access to “most” while another has “all” Tablo screens and… [filters | features] depending on device.

I’m sure users with practical experience will provide real-life suggestions.

Roku has been good to us. Most of ours are Roku 3’s, but we have a new Roku Ultra on our main TV.
While it is true that Roku deprecates old models and there’s faster deprecation for their “lesser” past models, I find that Amazon is worse with regards to their deprecations.

With that said, we are Amazon Prime customers. We just love our Roku’s, and my friends with “Fire” devices seem to buy new ones all the time and occasionally they are frustrated with the “new” ones and wish they had their old ones… but of course, they might be deprecated… :slight_smile:

My bad. It’s the sticks that are 4K

Searching youtube 4k vdeo really came up blank? (for example)

Also, the TV manufacturers, like Samsung and LG have 4K “samples” that they use for their “display” sets at the stores (to show them off). I know I’ve downloaded some of them in the past.

Edit: Let me add, you can test (over the network performance) with a Roku (or other frontend) and Plex (make sure it’s not trying to transcode) or a DLNA host (Roku has a channel that supports that).

Edit: Let me also add, it might make you cry. 4K is sort of sucky really…

Didn’t think of that

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