Connecting Tablo through a VPN router

Has anyone successfully connected their Tablo through a VPN router? I configured my DD-WRT router with a VPN client. I was able to connect printer, thermostats, media boxes etc, but of course not my Tablo. Its showing in the IP table, and if I type in the address, I get the “Nuvyyo Tablo Server” page. The problem is, nothing but my FireTV is able to connect, and that not very well. Picture quality seems lower than it was before the VPN install. I’m wondering if it is connecting as a remote location (yes, I forwarded the ports) although everything in my house is on the VPN network. If anyone out there in TV land has any ideas on this it would be greatly appreciated. Everything I have tried has not worked and I feel like I’m beating my head against a (fire)wall. Sorry.

Yes I have. It works.

What is running your VPN server?


My bad, I misunderstood your setup. I thought you were running a VPN client on a 2nd router remotely away from your home so you could connect to the Tablo and stream remotely. This is what I have done to use the Tablo on the Roku remotely as the Roku does not support Tablo Connect yet.

To answer your question:
Yes, the Tablo requires your router settings to be strictly normal. The use of a VPN throws it off. Turn off the VPN and give it a try.

Most individuals who use VPNs have 2 routers. First for their standard say Canadian network, then second for their say US VPN network. This allows only the use of desired devices behind the VPN. So my recommendation to you is you get a 2nd router for VPN use. It works quite well.

Was this ever resolved? It seems like Tablo should not be so sensitive to router settings or the fact that a VPN client is running on the router. Thanks.

Yes, mine works fine now after allowing multicast data to be exchanged between my subnets over VPN