Connect to Tablo on Work PC

Hi Everyone!

I just got my Tablo yesterday and got everything hooked up.  I am extremely excited but just had one question.  I noticed that when setting everything up there was not any type of accounts used.  This made me wonder how I was going to connect to my Tablo from my work PC.  I believe I understand that as long as I connect to my Tablo once on the local LAN I will be able to connect to it remotely.  This works great on my phone or tablet.  The issue is getting Tablo on my work PC.  I am unable to bring my work PC home to connect to my Tablo for the first time.  Is there a way to manually connect using an IP address or typing in the S/N or something?  I would also like to be at a friends out and be able to pull up my Tablo on their PC.  This would be great to watch a game or something.

BTW I cannot wait for the ROKU update.  The live guide is going to be priceless!

It’s definitely something the Tablo folks are looking at, but for now you are restricted to only devices that have been on your local network at least once.

@clockwork - As of right now you must pair your device with Tablo on its home network. Adding another pairing methodology is a popular request for the reasons you outlined which is why we’ll be taking a closer look at that this year.

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Great to hear.  That is why I bought a Tablo.  You guy are always adding new features and have great support!

I was trying to think of a way to make this work without bringing the PC home and my thought is to hook-up a VPN and then connect to the VPN.  This would allow the remote PC to see the Tablo and pair.  Once paired you could disconnect from the VPN and connect to Tablo remotely.  Does my logic sound correct to y’all?

I can confirm pairing can be done with a VPN. You just need a VPN server running at home where the Tablo is connected. Connect on the work PC using a VPN connection then go to in Chrome and you can access Tablo remote on the computer.

Keep the VPN running as you’ll need to re-pair on occasion.

@theuser86 - Great information.  I am going to work on that this weekend to see what I come up with.

Great news!  I just installed SoftEther on both my home PC and my work PC and got a VPN up and going.  I then paired my work PC to my Tablo and then turned off the VPN.  I am currently watching live TV at work!  Native support would be nice down the road, but I can make this work for the time being.

Like @theuser86 suggested.  I will keep everything installed on my home PC just in case I need to re-pair my work PC or just want to pair a different device.

Total time to do setup a VPN using remote desktop at home was about 10-15 mins.  Super easy.

Thanks again for the information!

Glad to hear it worked.

The real question is why are you watching TV at work? :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL - where I work there’s multiple things there that would have lead to termination. Setting up a connection to a home device, streaming, etc. 

Good luck - hope its a place that is ok with hooking a home network into a company or government network. 
BTW - a fellow IT staffer was given a few days off with no pay 3 or 4 years ago for watching TV at work and having movies on work computers. 
Just saying - be very careful - some places are cracking down hard with all the recent “intrusions”, etc.
But we don’t know your situation, maybe you own the company!  ;-)

Yep, I am self employed.  Very true though.  It is not that I wanted to watch TV at work.  It is more that I want to have the freedom to use Tablo where ever I am.  Work is juat a good excuse to figure it out right then. :slight_smile:

Yep, I am self employed.  Very true though.  It is not that I wanted to watch TV at work.  It is more that I want to have the freedom to use Tablo where ever I am.  Work is juat a good excuse to figure it out right then. :)

LOL - yeah, gotcha. 

Would be nice, for example, someone says “hey there’s a great show/game on at xxxxx” and you could pop in and program it to record as you just found out you were going to be home late due to a meeting, etc. I can sure understand that. 
SO many times I could have used that ability myself.

The VPN idea is a good way to make it possible. And you can do VPN securely.
You could get yourself an older Cisco ASA or PIX and set that up on your home network to take incoming VPN or use a PC as a VPN gateway. You could forward just 2 ports and a protocol through your router to the PC with the VPN gateway software and have VPN capabilities. 
If these can get through, you can have VPN - 
UDP 4500
isakmp (UDP 500)