Connect Tablo to Google Nest Access Point

Need to force Tablo to connect to a Google Wifi Access Point to improve network performance of the Tablo signal to TV’s in our home. Currently Tablo only recognizes my T-Mobile gateway. Connected to the gateway is a Google Nest router and three other Goggle nest boxes act as access points throughout our house. Tablo is right next to one of the Google access points but Tablo will only connect to the T-mobile Gateway which is nowhere near the TABLO box. Due to location constraints, I can’t move the Tablo box or the gateway. How do I force the Tablo box to connect to the access point?

its too bad those don’t have ethernet ports like the Eero, that would be easy to connect . . .

So with wireless signal… you can come in too hot. It’s basically like a lot of distortion too.

It’s almost like you’re opening the oven and all the heat hits you in the face. That’s how some wireless devices react to wireless signal being too close.

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Fixed - I moved the Google access point device further away from the Tablo box as suggested. I then pushed the reset button on the Tablo box. Tablo is now being serviced by the access point which is what I needed. Thanks.